2021 Share the LOVE Valentine Event

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  1. All requested chests are set up through this post. If you have issues accessing your chest (cause I typoed and missed it even though I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any), please let me know.

  2. 1) None. Blind infatuation is a human weakness to me.
    2) It's be called "Choosing Between the Ultimate Ginger or Gin (Martini)"
    3) Nothing in particular. Probably fish tacos and fancy beers.
    4) I don't really do memes.
  3. 1) My wife, met in the woods Geocaching
    2) You got Mail.
    3) Pancackes! lots o pancakes
  4. :mad:
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  5. 1) My cat, she adopted me though..
    2) "That time I was reincarnated into a Romance Comedy but I'm the villain?!"
    3) Food, and food-
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  6. Who is/are your valentine(s) and how did you meet them?
    Kaeli1214, we met in High School.
    What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
    Shhh, its a surprise!
  7. Enderchest might be good at the lot. ;)
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  8. 1) Valentine is my wife Ms. Emma who I have been with for over 25 years. Met in university when I needed a place to stay it turned out my friend had a new roommate. The rest is history.
    2) 50 first dates or maybe Couples Retreat (LOL)
    3) Plans for valentines this year is trying to stay warm because its crazy cold here. Maybe a nice dinner at home. Still two days to figure it out :)
  9. Be careful! If you've heard that plenty already, feel free to ignore this repeat. ;)

    That's cool!
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  10. All players who requested a chest before the deadline now have one set up. If you find a typo on your sign or you have any difficulties putting items in other players chests, feel free to let me know.
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  11. I don't have one
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  12. I left gifts.... 4 like everyone because you know, I am like a giver of things.. I am pretty sure everyone will know what i gave.
  13. We've gotten reports that some chests and hoppers have already filled to capacity. I have gone ahead and set up additional chests for those that needed them.

    Since the only way you can know a chest/hopper is full is if you've tried to give someone something, I'd like to request that any chest expansions requests be PMed to me on the forums just in case you don't want someone to know you gave them something. It'll also help keep the thread cleaner. :)

    "Hello Murphy's Law my old friend. You're by to talk with me again"

    You're now set up with one UltiPig
  14. Happy Valentines Day... It's official now and if you don't believe me get in the game and do /time.
  15. Huh, this sounds fascinating. Was this in primary or secondary education?
  16. primary
  17. huh weird never did it in the uk
  18. I was overwhelmed with all the gifts:D Thank You all! Happy Valentines :love: :<3:
  19. ^
    Agreed! All the awesome gifts and renamed items made my day! So glad I joined the forum to participate in this!
    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  20. 1)I am lonley and ugly so I dont have one
    2) How to be lonley and ugly
    3)Being less lonley and still ugly on minecraft
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