2021 Share the LOVE Valentine Event

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. Opened up my box last night and was quite surprised at how much was in there, so thank you all. <3

    I didn't write a fancy-dancy book or anything but I left everyone a handful of gold blocks because you guys are gold.
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  2. Thank you all for all the gifts! I love all the puns! :love: :<3:
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  3. Love and puns. All normal for V-day :p
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  4. My visit got delayed due to lack of power. The Texas winter storms were worse than anyone expected. I'll visit all those boxes tomorrow. Right now I'm going to take a hot shower 😁
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  5. No worries Krysyy. I hope you are ok though. That winter storm was pretty bad.

    And I know its late but I hope you and the new BF had a good V-day :)
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  6. Just a question, it says these chests will be up until the 21st (aka today is the last day) but I was just wondering if that was gonna be extended since K’s gift hasn’t come yet. I know she lost power and I hope she’s doing okay! It’s just a general question cause I’m sure more people might be wondering the same thing :)
  7. Yeah, I would like to pick up everything at once, so I decided to postpone it.
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  8. Not to bag out kryssy, but the builders wand hasn’t been handed out yet
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  9. Thanks for the V-Day book :)
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  10. I just received my book and thanks again Krysyy for doing this again :)
  11. Wow, lots of sweet stuff! Thank you all. :D
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