2021 Share the LOVE Valentine Event

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  1. Deadline to receive a box: February 12th at 11:59 pm EMC time.
    You get to open your box: February 14th after 10 am EMC time.

    Chests location: /v love on smp8
    Chests will remain up until at least Sun, Feb 21st for late valentine sharing <3

    Reappearing from the event vault 5 years later!!!

    This is an event aimed for the nostalgia of days long gone for some of us, and a reminder of something in our normal lives for those that are a bit younger. Ever remember your teacher having you decorate a box for your classmates to put valentine's day cards and goodies into? Well that's what we are going to do, except the boxes are already made for you, so all that's left is to claim them and for others to fill them up with goodies/cards (books) via the hoppers attached.

    There are plenty of 'boxes' on the residence. We'll start with the first 100 and go up as more and more players claim them. If we need more, we can make that happen, so don't worry.

    In order to enter and receive your own Valentine's Day Card Box, please post on this thread the answer to one/all of the following questions before the deadline. You will be assigned the next number in the series and the hopper will be placed so people can start filling it up. Note that the Access sign will be there, but you won't be able to open it thanks to some special Valentine magic. Your name will be pink once your chest and hopper is added. If a chest gets full, please let Krysyy or SS know so we can add another. We don't want to put a limit on love sharing, but PLEASE don't fill the chests with junk on purpose and no alts are allowed. This is about Sharing Love, not hoarding it.

    In addition, Krysyy will visit each of the chests and drop in a special valentine's day signature card (book) for all participants.

    Choose from:
    1) Who is/are your valentine(s) and how did you meet them?
    2) If your life was a Romantic Comedy, what would the title be?
    3) What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
    4) What is your favorite Valentine's Day card/meme? (include a picture and keep it appropriate)

    1. Krysyy
    2. Ahzeriel3553
    3. JNightwind
    4. CliffCraft
    5. wafflecoffee
    6. MoreMoople
    7. ShyguytheGamer1
    8. Luckygreenbrid
    9. farmerguyson
    10. sonicol
    11. AncientTower
    12. jewel_king
    13. ZanDarkin
    14. raainbow
    15. EfficiencyV
    16. xGGirlx
    17. ChumMiner
    18. Olliesaurus_Rex
    19. Bissela
    20. ConductorConduit
    21. ThisMeef
    22. Grimwald580
    23. OriginalScuf
    24. Skeletin007
    25. DaybreakerMC
    26. JestertheCleric
    27. JohnKid
    28. Agent_Oreobro
    29. LindenNZ
    30. luckycordel
    31. RainbowPony
    32. Tbird1128
    33. RampageX10
    34. FadedMartian
    35. Envine
    36. The_BaconPotato
    37. Raaynn
    38. tamraaa
    39. Sefl
    40. crystaldragon13
    41. carolmoss
    42. AnonReturns
    43. Snappes
    44. nocum
    45. WitherDoggie
    46. Carconductor
    47. ThaKloned
    48. __Devil_
    49. PetezzaDawg
    50. Saturn_83
    51. MaglorYavetil
    52. HollyV
    53. Tuqueque
    54. MelleTheHundred
    55. unicornky4412
    56. KatydidBuild
    57. cancepants
    58. KaliaLlama
    59. Storm_ily
    60. KikuDusk
    61. KandK22
    62. JazzleDazzles
    63. Vhourgannox
    64. HazardousCode
    65. SteadShrumm
    66. Spiritress
    67. Shell8ug
    68. MusicDjE
    69. BlueShinobiXIII
    70. EquableHook
    71. EbolaCola
    72. Arbiter1223
    73. Endermax187
    74. WyntyrRaevyn
    75. DrasLeona247
    76. Red_of_Life
    77. ColPun
    78. 607
    79. MommaDragon
    80. MissBonnieParker
    81. Fireduck187
    82. RandomZh
    83. DueDiligence
    84. Emma602cute
    85. Esrik
    86. RecklessThunder
    87. cam7051
    88. Soliros
    89. tinselsnake
    90. Obwangottemm
    91. TheJuniorMint
    92. TheFryedmans
    93. jaqque
    94. PetuniaFigtree
    95. Burki
    96. Grimm_Pantalones
    97. Seansbar
    98. Throane
    99. Jef7757
    100. Northern_Sailor

  2. 101. UltiPig
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  3. 1) My boyfriend. We met through mutual friends.
    2) 21 Boots (instead of 21 Dresses)
    3) I am being kidnapped by the boyfriend. The only details I have include that it's 2 hours away and I need to bring my (not fancy) boots...
    4) TBD
  4. 1. Vannahbanana23, my Fiancé IRL, we met at work and have been together happily ever since
    2. The Never Ending engagement 😂
    3. A quiet meal at the house and a good movie
    Love this idea 😃
  5. Who is/are your valentine(s) and how did you meet them?
    Being single I don't really have one.
    What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
    Not really any big plans. Me and my other single friends normally just go out and have some drinks.
  6. 1) Who is/are your valentine(s) and how did you meet them? My valentine, partners in crime(not really it just rhymed). My soon to be fiancé(shhhh surprise) we’ve been together for about a year and it’s really felt like more.
    2) If your life was a Romantic Comedy, what would the title be? The title would be “Everyday Something Changes “
    3) What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Texas Roadhouse. And recreating out first date for a surprise
  7. Ooh, lovely :D
    1: potofjuniper, we met through EMC <3
    2: "It's Complicated"-- like the Facebook relationship status
    (Wait, I just looked this up, I didn't know it's a real thing :rofl: :lmao:)
    3: Nothing really special/different besides sending an excess of "<3" messages

  8. 1) Hmmm... My valentine is my cat, Cedric (AKA Boople or Goose). I met him when my dad and sister brought him home from the pet shelter because he was just too cute to leave there! :D
    2) .!++++ (Comedy title created by cat)
    3) Host Day of Chance while the cats are asleep on my legs. ;)
    4) New Event: Firegarden?
  9. 1. Valentine for me is music. Been with me for all of my life. Saved me from being on the brink numerous times.
    2. Terms of Endearment 2: Electric Boogaloo and the Return of The Big Sad.
    3. Watching sad movies and going to work.
    4. Don't really have one, not a fan of the holiday to begin with.

    Cool to see this back after not having it for a while.
  10. 1) single pringle
    2) single pringle
    3) pet budgies
  11. 1. My wife. 😉
    2. I don't know how to answer this one. If this was a question on a test I would fail. I'm horrible at making connections like that.
    3. Prepare a dinner that is something other than pasta and the other reduced interaction based meal I've prepared for the past year. Maybe California Rolls or Swordfish. Then sit together in front of a roaring fire while watching a funny movie.
    4. It was a Valentines card that had a popup rabbit in the fold that pointed its arm at you when opened with the words "It's you" printed inside. I think the saying on the cover was something like, Do you know who is special today?.
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  12. 1) My 3 cats, they stumbled upon my house and decided, "I live here now"
    2) I would like to think it would be a scary Valentines movie so I'm gonna go with "Alone in the Dark"
    3) Probably hang out on EMC :rofl: :lmao:

  13. It's awesome to see this event return. The last time this event happened I gave everyone a renamed piece of redstone dust called CallMeTowers Upside down Heart.

    1) My sister and I met her when she was born. She cried when she first saw me.. (It's cause she knew from that moment on that I would always be the favorite and not her. lol )

    2) The Harry Potter series.. ( Snapes love for Lilly... ALWAYS)

    3) VHS tape one of the Titanic and only tape one because tape two is just chaos, death, and old ladies throwing stuff into the sea.

  14. 1, my cats
    2, Who ate my candy!
    3, go to day of chance
  15. Plans for valentines day? For me its just watch anime or netflix and eat chocolate and play minecraft
  16. 1) Myself :oops:
    2) Cupid's Failure
    3) Probably just hanging out at home and playing video games :)
    This event seems really neat :D
  17. Cool, Thanks!
    1) A Very special person to me.
    2) WALL-E can be considered a romantic comedy :)
  18. 1) I'm a single-bean.
    3) Hanging out at home, working on a puzzle.

  19. 1) Who is/are your valentine(s) and how did you meet them?
    My wife! Duh! We met in music school in college.
    2) If your life was a Romantic Comedy, what would the title be?
    50 First Dates - I can't remember what I did yesterday is pretty much the theme to my life.
    3) What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
    Same as every other day. But maybe with a little more chocolate?
    4) What is your favorite Valentine's Day card/meme? (include a picture and keep it appropriate)
    Roses are red. Violets are Blue...I got nothing. Blanking out, so see #2.

    nevermind...found one: