2016+ Understanding the Future of Minecraft

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  2. Bump.
    Anything to say, EMC?
  3. I hope what we have here can be played on the Win 10 version.
  4. (didn't watch the video because I don't have time atm) I don't even have Windows 10 lol, I just installed 7 again less than 2 months ago on my laptop. :p All my computers (I have 6) either have Windows 7 or no OS at all. I'm still in the minority of 29% (Europe) though, apparently... Wut.
  5. So they plan to phase out the PC versions for only Windows 10 versions? Im a Mac User. I cannot run windows for free especially Windows 10 on my MacBook. *Don't even mentioning pirating it*
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  6. One of biggest reasons to why Minecraft's original version on PC hasn't been supported as much as other platforms is because Microsoft and Mojang want to unify all of Minecraft's platforms to allow for cross-platform gameplay and make development more efficient and less expensive.

    Currently, there are 4 separate development teams for Minecraft: PC, Pocket Edition, Console Edition, and Windows 10 Edition. Three of those four categories are developed in the C++ language. The current PC version was made in Java.

    Minecraft's Windows 10 Edition is currently under development by a big team in the United States which has been reconstructing the game from scratch. While there's already C++ code from mobile and console platforms, they probably do not have all the industry-standard optimizations that Notch mostly ignored when he was making Minecraft. Other developers, like Jeb and Dinnerbone, tried optimizing the code, but likely lead to frustration with non-stop bugs/glitches. And so, it was decided that we should start on a clean slate.

    That decision is a life lesson, at least to me.

    At this point in time, developing Minecraft on PC under its codebase is like trying to transform an adult of average IQ into the mind of Albert Einstein. The change requires very much to do very little. But, a young child yet to enter school can become a favorable citizen by the time they pass college.

    Despite the daunting tasks to optimize, Minecraft on PC will still receive updates. At this point, it appears to be that its developers Jeb, Grum, Searge, and ProfMobius are aiming to keep Minecraft as it currently is fresh, while content in the newer codebase of the Windows 10 Edition is being met close enough to easily unify all Minecraft versions with the shared code.

    A set of new building blocks, for example, would be much easier to port over than a fully rewritten lighting engine.
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  7. If I were to guess, they will eventually port the C++ game to iOS, it is stupid not to.

    I love the MCPE, I just wish they had a better hotbar switching response and better inventory management (use numbers to move stuff into hot bar).
  8. I tried to check the video but started to lose attention a bit after 4 or so minutes because he's so very slow with getting his point across that I started to get bored and lost attention :p I skipped forward and well...

    If I got the point correct then he feels that the pocket / mobile versions (Win10 version in specific) will get a bigger leading role in the Minecraft development and that they're moving away from the PC version. Basically because you can consider the Win10 version a "rewrite".

    Quite frankly I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think that Microsoft learned a harsh and painful lesson when they tried to give PC users software which was originally intended to be used in a touch screen environment. I am of course talking about Win8, that didn't go too well. Windows 10 adaptation is also not exactly going smoothly as of yet.

    But most of all because one of the fundamental aspects of Minecraft is that it can be played in a platform independent way. What do Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD and Linux have in common? For starters: they can all be used to play Minecraft. You can't say the same for the mobile version, not in these extends anyway.

    And then there's the server aspect. I know that a commonly shared opinion is that Mojang primarily focuses on singleplay when it comes to Minecraft and not so much servers. While that may be true (I simply don't know) I do think that Mojang realizes that one of the things which made Minecraft so popular are the server environments. Playing together! If they didn't realize as much then I somewhat doubt that they'd be releasing a server version every time a new PC version comes out.

    Take the server version away and you'll be denying a lot of players their Minecraft fun.

    Not just that; it would mean the very collapse of Minecraft itself. What does a common Minecraft youtube video have in common with the other one? Most of them evolve around servers.

    And there's more... When looking at 1.10, the structure blocks specifically, then it seems to me that Mojang isn't shifting their attention towards mobility at all. In fact it seems more likely to me that they're trying to bring the best of the Minecraft community together and somehow embed this into vanilla. Almost every major release so far has seen specific commands which were previously only available when you used mods.

    What I can agree with is that mobility is most likely going to play a bigger role in the future. Microsoft will definitely want to push their Win10 stuff forwards.

    But I'm not really convinced that it would shift towards a leading role.
  9. Very slow at getting their point across? Reminds me of somebody who types essays to get their point across. :p (I kid <3)
  10. Actually, just this week, Mojang got cross-platform gameplay working between Windows 10 PC and Pocket Edition.:cool:
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  11. I know. I was speaking of Mac. Does Mac not use iOS?
  12. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not lol

    If it isn't; no, Mac does not use iOS. It uses Mac OS X.
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  13. I don't know much about Macs. :oops:

    My still think that they will port to Mac OS X though.
  14. who knows windows 10 is crap..... they have a long way to go
  15. Edition or the actual Windows 10?
  16. The Windows 10 Edition is on par with Pocket Edition now. They're equal enough for cross-platform play. Windows 10 Edition just has some extras like "4k render distance".
  17. the windows 10
  18. I assume you mean operating system. What is wrong with Windows 10?
  19. Ohh, all sorts of things. It kinda depends per person though, and just some like it more than others. I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on my "new" (secondhand bought) laptop 2 months ago. :) But let's not get into a thread locking discussion about that here :p
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  20. 1it is a forced update
    2 it is practically spy ware
    3 it has countless bugs
    4 it's user interface sucks so much
    and this list goes on and on