2014 : What is the best smp?

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  1. I saw a thread from 2013 asking the same exact thing.

    A user responded to that thread with a basic summary of the servers :

    "Most people are just going to say the server they live on, and since 1 & 9 are the most populated they'll get more votes. As best I can, I'll try to provide a short, un-biased description of each for you.

    smp1: Very very busy server. Lots of mega-malls, high player activity can be annoying at times though, but never boring.
    smp2: Mildly populated, lots of great builds.
    smp3: Also very low population, don't know too much about this server myself.
    smp4: Low population, but home to a great family of people who built a big wall
    smp5: Medium activity, supposedly a pretty fun server
    smp6: Pretty quiet, several good shops
    smp7: Used to be the main wild server, medium server, very friendly *cough*best*cough*
    smp8: Low population. I don't know much else.
    smp9: 2nd busiest, similar to smp1. Their /spawn is addicted to pyramids"

    Have things changed over the months?
  2. I think server population is pretty even now, or changes due to the recommended server. I would not consider soze a factor.
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  3. Smp4 isn't low...and I think smp9 has more shop then smp1...
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  4. Each server is about equal in population thanks to Aikar.
    I like to think of it like this:
    SMP1: Business District
    SMP2: Krysyy's Doctor Who Server
    SMP3: The next big thing
    SMP4: Home to the wall
    SMP5: The Original
    SMP6: Trying to live up to it's potential
    SMP7: Wild Bases
    SMP8: The outcast (I always disliked the number 8)
    SMP9: Trying to be bigger than SMP1

    Is this correct?
    Most likely not.
  5. I have an unjustified hatred for smp2... I am usually on smp1 or smp8. I just use smp5 to get materials I need for builds or to xp farm. Smp3 is gonna be the next big thing due to Kyzoy's new mall IMO.
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  6. Can't you just use smp1 or smp8's wastelands to get mats?
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  7. Also, you have an amazing gif.
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  8. We all know smp1 is the best. Soon to be home to the servers single biggest build
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  9. But is it's frontier good? :eek:
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  10. I has some nice aspects... :D
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  11. I always wondered the same thing, what smp is best...
    Well Im sure glad I was defaulted to smp6.

    **PvP arena!**
    What is better than having the only smp with a PvP arena that draws players from every other world to smp6.
    Conclusion, smp6 for sure!

    Now dont forget tho, on SMP3 Aikar and some other players and mods (sorry I dont have names) have built 1 hell of an amusement park! Huge roller coaster, boating thru the sewers, hedge maze, bow target practice, bumper boats, and water slide. Im sure I forgot a thing or 2, but Bravo, friggen BRAVO to the builders of that masterpiece!
    Check out that amazing build out on SMP3 at /fun
  12. smp6 is best cause im on it. i thought that was obvious
  13. smp4 is a pretty popular server nowadays :D we also love our firefloor :D
  14. SMP2...cos well... It's pretty self explanatory ;)
  15. Smp2-we have the best comunity and the best builds!
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  16. Smp3 is always a cool place
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  17. Im not from SMP2 but it's where I spend most of my time :p Great, fun people there
  18. I don't know, for me it's more about what is the best time, because there are not often talking people on when I try and join.
  19. SMP8 and SMP2. Even numbers is goood. :D
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  20. Smp9 because it is new, fresh and getting bigger. plus Smp9 has some of the best shops!
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