12/4/13 Empire Status Update

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  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to give a status update on where things are!

    1.7.2: Working build. We are aiming for the weekend for an official 1.7.2 update!
    Mini Updates: Due to recent announcement, not as much work got done into the mini updates as I had hoped. We did get BungeeCord launched (the /server command thingy), and some work towards Mail.

    After 1.7: Going to wrap up mail, then onto extreme focus on Dragon Tombs!

    Due to 1.7 and the attempt to have DT done this month is unlikely... But rest assured it will be actively developed soon and be done as soon as possible.
  2. W00t. Nice to see the possibility of 1..7.2 so soon. :)
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  3. Thanks for all the hard work Aikar :)
  4. Aikar is the reason these servers are running today, he deserves a huge Thanks!!
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  5. *clap clap clap* Yay! Way to go Aiker and staff!

    Wild be warned....the masses are coming!

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  6. Thank you for all your hard work Aikar. I know it must be hard to code all this for us. (I suck at coding, I took a class of it a while back and made my own website, but um yeah) Thankies Aikat
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  7. *Panda kate applauds*
  8. Yay
    Edit: eighth :D
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  9. #ThankAikar
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  10. AWESOME DRAGON TOMBS GONNA BE HERE SOON!!!! Also Aikar you work to much, you should have fun more often like that one time wit IcC and the flying horses.
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  11. Cant wait for this :)
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  12. A tough decision... buy egg or wait for egg? dsvsdfjsdvfhsd this is hard!
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  13. Did I see the words Dragon Tombs in that post? :)
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  14. Yep!
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  15. If you did, you need to get your eyes checked. :p
  16. Awesome! Can't wait :D
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  17. Awesome, I thought It would be in two weeks :D
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  18. Dragon tombs as a Christmas present maybe?
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  19. Suggestion:
    Make a survey just for Dragon Tombs, to see what people would like to see, like either really tough boss, new minions, different tombs, things like that.
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