100k Giveaway!!!

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  1. this thread has ended early due to so much hate and hostility the winner is hayleycolgan with 20 likes :) and she didn't even have to spam the thread like others :)
  2. E) because it has a great community
    M)it has many,many friendly users
    P)great staff
    R)custom plugins!
    E)good site
    M)un-complicated donating system
    I)very little downtime
    N)almost no lag
    E)great custom money system
    C)young-user friendly (not much swearing)
    R)4 worlds!
    A)64th on MCSL
    F)eggifaction! (i didnt spell it right, did i?)
    T) IT'S FUN!
    I will randomly select someone form who liked mine for a enchanted bow! Note: this is only if i win, unless im feeling happy! tell your friends!
  3. I dont like EMC.
    I love it.

    EMC is well organized, well thought out and backed by what can only be described as, an epic programmer.

    The Moderators keep this well built machine running smoothly day in and day out. Justin keeps us hooked on new features all the time and Jeremy is the goo that holds everything together.

    No other server is even in the same ball park as EMC.

    I think this link explains it well
  4. A) how it is anti-grief
    B) Money System
    C) Egification
    D) Locked Chests
  5. there is nothing out there like EMC. trust me i spent 3 MONTHS searching for good servers and then i found EMC.
    soo what is there not to like about EMC?
  6. All you people wanting 100k :D
  7. you dont want 100k slumdog? you know you do :)
  8. Their actually will be a drop party. 35 dispensers, You will get in for free if you like this comment. But before you click the like comment, PLEASE look what i have to say about EMC.

    EMC is wonderful! I love it because it's a fun server to hang and build ANYTHING you could possibly dream of!

    It COMPLETELY tops any other server. I have played on servers where when I just started someone comes and pores lava where I'm standing and I keep dying. EMC is just so wonderful and I would die without it.

    [Another edit] since I have been abet of EMC, this server has taught me a lot. Even at its darkest time I know this server will stand as strong as hulk. GO EMC! Power to the minecrafters!!!!
  9. i have 2k. 100k would be nice

    EDIT it would be FREAKIN AWESOME
  10. The plugins are amazing, the staff is wonderful and good at their jobs, and it has a very active and helpful community with senior members who are willing to help out the newbies in any situation. Whenever a problem arises, it is fixed immediately. The situation of griefers and stealers is prevented with the unique residence system/plugin, and anyone who does grief or steal is removed or changed so they do not do so. Overall, it's been a great experience with everyone, and I love this server so much. It's taken much of my time away from anything else (including work during the last month of the school year. XD) and it allows me to have a peaceful outlet from the world.

    I love this server because of what it is and those who make it what it is. Thanks to all of you. Time to go have a caramel shake. ;)

    (Also, specific plugins such as the Eggification, Money-System, Residences, Locked-Chests, and Player Shops make up a huge part of the community and servers, and we can all thank JustinGuy for making the best MC server out there. :))
    • Minecraft- $30
    • EMC Diamond Supporter- $20
    • Watching IcecreamCow use TNT to blow up Utopia- Priceless
  11. I work hard for my rupees to have a sense of pride.
  12. The reason i LOVE EMC is because it is so well organized.
    I was looking for a server to play in and all the ones i could find were crowded, have tons of griefers, and have to walk for miles to find usable land.
    EMC is amazing because:
    -Everyone gets their own land to use for whatever they want
    -There are shops so you can buy things that are hard to find
    -There is currency that you can use (and you get some everyday)
    -There are different servers so it doesn't get crowded
    -You can protect your stuff in the wild
    -Has awesome staff members
    - ITS FUN!!!

    I will never use any other server again.
  13. The economy is BEAST I have never been on a server that has an economy like this and Even when the servers are attacked they are fixed as soon as possible. The moderaters are so nice and they help us with anything and everything. Lastely the people we are what makes EMC the greatest server in the history of Minecraft WE are the makers of great!!!:D

  14. I want 100k, who doesnt?
    Why do i like EMC above all other servers? - Because it's being run by some weird A.I.'s under JustinGuy's controll, a crazy cow and some epic A.I.-slaves moderators i meant! LOL, who wouldn't want that?
    Ow, yeah and our community it's epic, 'nuff said.
  15. EMC is a rethink of minecraft servers. It was only possible through the awesome skills of JustinGuy and from the awesome community which was created. The economy is amazing with shops and auctions you never have to go to the wilderness to be the richest person on the server. But I also love the vanilla wilderness. It just makes EMC different. No mods in the wilderness just plain blocks and creeper holes! And the community is awesome and I love how people can win 100k in a competition like this where there is no bad answer just good or better. EMC will stand strong and pround. EMC will never collapse even if we don't get any more new players. We only need to keep the awesome ones we have now! GO EMC!!!

    And another awesome thing. 10k goes to the first person to like my post. But only if they get everyone they know to like my post. And there may be more prizes to someone who likes me. So everyone like my post!
  16. looks like you have a good idea in getting more likes :)
  17. Hmm.. What do i like about EMC? The main thing i love about it, is that its freakin' survival mode!! All i can find is complicated ones that make no sense, and has no explanation to it! Most i can find are creative! I'm a survival player, and having a chance to interact with other players, while having to fend for myself is like a dream come true! The residences are equally great! I thought this was some complicated server with no real meaning. I get on the website and read the ever so helpful Empire Guide! Everything took off from there! I've never had more fun on Minecraft since i started playing! Thank you creators of EMC for making my life that much better! :D
  18. EMC is not just a server. It's a community. It's a place with so much love and care put into it, and this is seen in the staff, members and creations around town. The staff are wonderful. They want this to be a great experience for everyone, and are always fair in their decisions. EMC is unique, and Justin's awesomeness has led to the creation of vanilla minecraft, but with chocolate and caramel added into the mix so it just screams WOW. The Empire is family friendly, full of laughs and just generally a place where everyone would want to be. I personally love EMC because I've met such wonderful people here. iSmooch, AlexChance, SecretAznEks, Bennyt8, Ziff44, huntorktim, NurseKillJoy, IcecreamCow, JustinGuy (ofcourse), SillyWhiteMage, Skilled_Creeper, PandasEatRamen, MuffinCraft15, battmeghs, Leowaste, snozles, thestar19, Brennian, and SO many more people that I can't even name you all (I know I missed heaps). I spent so long crawling through multiplayer servers before EMC and was close to giving up.. everywhere I went the people were mean, anything I built got destroyed and nothing was organised. Then I stumbled across EMC and.. well, I'm still here 160+ days later and I love it. You get everything you need, and it's all laid out in an easy way to understand.

    Long live the Empire.

    [edit] a word.
  19. I think, wait no scratch that KNOW that EMC is the best server because of the community.. Everyone is friendly and knows just the right thing to say :).

    Moderators actually do their job right and are awesome at it!

    Residential areas to display stuff without grief :p

    And a nice well rouned website and website community :D