A tribute to EMC with a somewhat lengthy intro...

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  1. 3 months ago I became a proud member of Empire MineCraft.

    2 months before I ran into a youtube video about minecraft. I found it interesting. I went to the website, I checked out the options. I then decided that I didn’t want to pay $25 for a game I didn’t know anything about. Oh how I was young….

    So I started playing for free with the web browser, quickly finding out about WoM to get the full screen option….I was hooked.

    I wondered from server to server on MineCraft classic. Finding nothing but power hungry admins/mods and poorly organized worlds. Grief ran wild, communities lacked respect….I was let down.

    So I created. I created a server of my own hosted on a dedicated server using the latest server software I could find. Massive worlds, great builds, respectable mods, the whole nine yards….I was happy.

    Then boredom set in. I had the ability to make anything I wanted, however I wanted it. No work was required to gather any resources. Pure. Creative. Building. So I made the purchase. My journey started over. Wandering from server to server, loading into places that offered no information, no help and terrible communities.

    I knew that I could make my own server, so I did. Downloaded the latest software I could find, and ran a test. In less than 30 minutes of having my own MC server I realized…this was way above my head. Sure I know simple coding. And I can usually figure any piece of software out on my own. But with my lack of skill would come nothing but another un-organized, anarchy style server with only a large ban list to help it. Not to mention, the $100 a month I spent on a server for MC classic, gave me 1/4th the power I needed for the real deal…

    So I restarted my search. Going server to server, looking around and asking questions. Trying to find “The one”. If I had to count, I would say at least 15-20 different servers. All a terrible let down. All leading to Minecraft not being the game for me…Then I found it. www.empireminecraft.com. This was a website that was aesthetically pleasing. Simple, yet functional and informative. As a side job Web Designer, it’s my nature to judge a company or organization based off its website. I don’t know why. But to me I think it says a lot for a company that invests the time and/or money into the one thing that can reach almost anybody in the world at any time.

    I logged in. First thing I ran into was a very tough tutorial. I, as many have, tried to guess my way through it. Using what I would consider “common sense” to make my way through. I quickly realized this was no ordinary server. These people wanted to make sure I knew the rules. They wanted to help me in more way then one. For every obstacle I passed, I was rewarded with the basic essentials needed to start a healthy minecraft career. I was impressed…

    I went back to the website. I registered. I researched. I passed he tests. I felt enlightened and intrigued. If the owner here will go through this much trouble to insure his/her new members understands the rules here…what else is in store for me? How much better can it get? Looking back now, I laugh at that question.

    Then I spawned. I started my EMC role. Instantly I was presented with help on how to claim my home. I planted my trees and dug up some dirt. I knew I needed protection before night came, so a dirt house was what I made. This was a simple house, like many have created when they start. Only later did I find out I was in no danger. I was impressed yet again. This opened up what I could build and how I could build it instantly. But I needed supplies. I needed more tools. Before I could even finish harvesting my trees I was met by a local.

    For the life of me I can’t remember his name, but he was kind. For no better reason other than being a good person, he dropped a set of leather armor and iron tools for me. He parted ways with a “Cheers mate and good luck!” and was gone. I had a smile on my face. Such a simple gesture that made the biggest impact, I became an iron supporter.

    Over the next five days I ventured into the wild. I collected resources and was guided back to spawn with this amazing tool on the website. A tool that no other server I found even thought of offering. The map. Talk about a game changer here. This is what set the boys apart from the men. Among many other things, this is what led me to want an upgrade. I had to be diamond, just had to. A server this good can’t be short changed by a mere $5 a month. After all, I am saving money now that I am done with MC Classic…

    So as for the beginning to the end of this story, I upgraded. Paid another $20, 5 days after my iron upgrade. I messaged the server owner, not sure if I would get a response, asking to adjust a refund based off my early upgrade. Sure enough, the OWNER himself of this amazing server found time in his day to take care of my question/concern.

    Now? I have evolved into a wealthy player, with one of the biggest of shops on the Empire. My name is known on my server, and I have single handedly helped stabilize the economy on SMP2. Protecting it from price gougers, I have played my role in helping to keep items reasonably priced while still being able to maintain stock. I may not always have everything in stock, but I have chests full of cobble and wood with suppliers to help me with the rest.

    I offer anybody the ability to make great money at any time. That in its self has brought a certain level enjoyment for me. Providing a service for my community is just as fun as the building aspect of Minecraft. And the Empire is the only place that gives me the tools and space to do so. The ever evolving backend programming with a list of features that keeps getting bigger and bigger is the key to its success. Backed with responsive Admins and capable moderators, this is a place to truly call home.
    Minecraft is the first game I have ever played online besides Call of Duty. I had to dig through a lot of dirt and stone to find this diamond, but it was well worth it.

    Hats off to Justin and Jeremy for their hard work, dedication and truly epic skills.


    p.s. Sorry it was a long read, I am bored at work. XD
  2. OMG...i love this...
    @GameKribJEREMY Look!
    @JustinGUY Look!
    @IcecreamCow Look!
    @Dark_Liz Look!
    @ShaunWhite1982 Look!



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  3. Tagging senior staff like a boss
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  4. again, and JEREMY dont ban me...
  5. On my phone now. I will probably post a picture later (probably with a cat), that expresses my love for this story.
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  6. *tear* Aww, what a story. Leo, you are a gem and it is an honor to have on smp2 :)
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  7. aww ty Hayley :)
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  8. Still waiting for this cat.... Lol!
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  9. I believe this fits how my reaction was when reading this:

  10. IM CRYING RIGHT NOW!!! (jk)

    :EDIT: that was exactly what happened to me, but i doubt ill become a diamond supporter anytime soon....
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  11. Leo,
    I have bought from your store many times, and knowing your story will keep me a customer of yours for many many more days. You as well have brought a great service to EMC. My hat is of to you sir.
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  12. Ahh, i remember first stumbling upon your lot, and thinking
    ''Wow, this place is nice, i hope to have a lot as nice and organized as this one day''
    I come to your shop often whenever im off on smp2 doing whatever im doing
    -Keep up the great work with your shop-
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  13. Ty all for the <3

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  14. This is awesome! What really struck me is that I had the same charity happen when I first started playing on EMC. The neighbor to my lot gave me a diamond pick and helped me through the process. That, more than anything, sets EMC apart: the mods care, the admins care and the players care.
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  15. this is amazing
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  16. Amazing....Just amazing!
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  17. I love reading such success stories of finding and joining EMC. I am super pleased by your prose and dictation. This would be a great way to introduce outsiders to our wonderful community so that they may better understand that EMC is not the same as any other Minecraft community in existence. :)
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  18. I feel like this post was from ages ago lol
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