A tribute to EMC with a somewhat lengthy intro...

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  1. wow. i am having a mix of emotions after reading this.
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  2. It's so INTRIGUING!
  3. This was back when i thought 150,000r was "wealthy" lol
  4. 150kr isn't wealthy on here? i am beyond poor then...
  5. It is to most yes. But now half a mill seems to be the norm for any succesful player
  6. i am one poor donator on here. only 14.8k after i pay someone i hired...
  7. Read the whole thing:)
  8. Leo you were the one that inspired me to be a diamond supporter. Cheers for sharing this for us, I think we all enjoyed reading it. And thx to justin and ICC for putting so much time into it :)
  9. Great read Leo. Glad to have ya onboard EMC. :D
  10. I enjoy a long read. Leowaste, you are a respected member of our community, both in-server and within the forums. I hope you realise that what makes this server so great (along with the excellent work that Justin, Jeremy and mods like d1223m and Twitch1 do) is those people in the community who are respectful, courteous and generally fun people. People like you.

    Hats off to you, Leowaste :)
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  11. It's an honour to have players like you around Leo, such a great post. Glad you are making an impact here.
  12. I think leo should be a moderator :)
  13. Thank you everyone for the replies :)

    That would be cool to really be able to help out the empire, but that is all up to the sen. Mods and jeremy. If they wanted or needed me they would ask. :)
  14. Leo, nice job, but you failed to take note of the fact that I posted the request for the hem with resp III after I had found you were selling them and when the biding got high I just asked you for one at an extremy low price!
  15. still nice story, sadly mine was quite not as dramatic... my friend just told me about EMC
  16. I was really surprised when I came on how organized it all was.
  17. Huh? I was selling a bulk amount. I still sold ome to you (well i set up the chest for it)
  18. Really, when I read this, yes, I read the whole thing.. I am thinking: this is awesome!