1.9 boats. The are terrible.

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  1. The 1.9 boats are terrible. i not really get used to it. steering is difficult. Especially when you move fast, you nee to move your fingers in strange positions.

    Why did mojang broke the good mouse steerinmg that did work preciese and good for something terrible like this ? I really hope it's a bug otherwise i hope the fix it !
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  2. Not a bug new boat design. I sailed with it for the first time last week without an issue. Seems to flow more nicely and actually feels like you're in control instead of just sliding your mouse.
  3. you mean you have to actually steer? i like the boat design, it isnt too hard for me at all.

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  4. The boat design is far better now then what we've had to deal with in the past.
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  5. 1.9 Boats are awesome. Ice boat paths = awesome
  6. I use a boat as my main method of transport around my base on smp5.

    I vastly prefer 1.9 boats to how boats worked previously. They're way easier to control.
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  7. When I playtested the snapshots, I got a boat stuck on the ground and just started rowing across the plains out of boredom.. xD ..it was great with the rowing animation..
  8. As the Master of Boats, I disapprove of this thread.
  9. The boats in 1.9 as opposed to those in 1.8:
    Easier to control
    Less buggy
    Nicer looking
    Less fragile
  10. I think the general consensus here is that OP's opinion is wrong.
  11. Well, he started by saying the boats are terrible instead of he thinks they're terrible :p
  12. I miss controlling direction with the mouse, it is hard to get used to steering with the keyboard.
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  13. Saying the Op is wrong is harsh. Just because it is easier for you doesn't mean it is easier for everyone.
  14. i LOVE the new boat system xD

    so there is that. lmao
  15. You must have a lot of fun if you're laughing your ass off so often :p
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  16. I DO :p
  17. except in the old way with the mouse you had to coast to turn you can stop on a dime with the new system. its easier if you have 4 fingers and a thumb? maybe you are a quadriplegic?
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  18. I like that boats have gone back to keyboard steering/control. My only issue is the limited forward view which makes it so you can't see about a 40 degree arch directly behind you - tough if you have someone following and you want to check on them. Yes, there is f5, but that's annoying.
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  19. How is using the third camera perspective for a short while annoying? I can very quickly press "R" a few times while boating (I changed it from F5, as I can't hit that really easily).
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  20. I really love the new design. I mean; you control most of what you do with the keyboard and mouse; but the boat isn't you; it's a piece of machinery which you use. So obviously you can only control the machinery and whatever you do is cosmetic. I personally enjoy being able to look around me (left and right) while the boat keeps going into the same direction until I decide otherwise. The ability to look around me is really helpful with finding ocean monuments without accidentally steering yourself into a hornets ("guardians") nest.

    Oh; and I also love the option that you can now share a boat together. That's really useful!
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