1.9 boats. The are terrible.

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  1. I simply prefer to stay in first person when playing, so to me it's annoying. f5 is there for selfies. And how often do you have to pop into third person to look behind you irl? :p
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  2. I agree with all the above
  3. If I said yes I am, would that make you feel better?
  4. i think if you said you were we would all lose
  5. Because most people haven't changed it from F5 to R, and for me the F5 screens are always a bit glitchy, and they royally mess up my sense of direction :p

    Haven't tried 1.9 boating yet though, I might actually like it more than 1.8... :p
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  6. how often do you have to punch a tree to get wood to make a crafting table and then punch more wood to craft a boat with your bare hands ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
  7. That's a normal Wednesday for me bruh.
  8. lol how often do you have to hold w to walk forward?
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  9. I was joking lol.
  10. PREACH IT! I agree with ya:)
  11. Especially when your cat loves to hit your mouse of the table :p
  12. I kind of wish the new boats got up to the same speed as the old ones. At least I think the old ones felt faster
    However personally I approve of the control more. old boats were better for gapping oceans (which would be a gamble for most travelers) but the new ones are better for those cool things like ocean cities and river travel and cool stuff like that :)
  13. If done right I believe if you are good enough at timing your rowing you can go as fast if not faster than the old ones. Might be wrong as I don't boat much. :p
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  14. I always punch that quick buy sign on the wasteland outpost. One day it'll come off, I just have to keep trying! :p
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  15. And that is precise what the 1.9 boat make it terrible. you cannot control it anymore with the mouse. buit need to use some the keys to steer very fast. With the mouse you could steer very smooth and very easy. Now it not so easy anymore.

    With 1.8 i could press forward cursor key and just steer around on the water smooth.
  16. yeah not rlly, try making a 90 degree turn with the old boats, or colliding with anything including what you may lag into. the new boats are superior in ever single way except you have to control the boat just like you would in any other first person mode movement system with vehicles. the new way is just plain better
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  17. Last time I used a boat, was in 1.5...
    (And my experience with it then, encouraged me to never try it again)

    That being said, this is a major step up for me. :p
    Back in 1.5 the controls were the same, except the boat was harder to control and slid everywhere you didn't want it to...
    And dare you fell out of it in the water, it'd always slide away from you and you'd never get back in again!
    Or, you'd push it to the shore trying to get in and it'd hit a block and break. :D

    Ahh, such wonderful boat memories for me.

    (Edited to change my backward version ideas) ;)
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  18. Wait, 5.1? That isn't a Minecraft version, is it? :p
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  19. Looks like a mix of thoughts in here... personally, I like the boats. Find them easy enough to maneuver in and steer, I like how you can have a passenger too, and at least they don't blow up into sticks and blocks every time you have a bump into literally anything like the old boats...
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  20. I do this when im taking some1 out to the end.

    Edit: I honestly dont see anything wrong with 1.9 boats.