1.8 Prep Update, Performance and MORE! 8/26/14

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  1. Hey everyone! 1.8 is getting closer, so we need to do some more prep work to support name changing before it drops in our laps and we aren't ready for it..

    This update adds many changes to our core code to support the new UUID system so that we can track users by UUID instead of name.

    We're not done, we still got quite a few more things to update (Residences, Shops, Site), but this update is a requirement to do the rest (So that we start associating each user to their UUID for other things to use)

    Some of these things many of you watched me code live on the live stream :)

    This also brings a major performance boost that we had to yank from this update back, as we fixed the issue with it.

    • EMC-559 - Empire UUID Update #1
    • EMC-552 - Fixed the /home details in /res loc add
    • EMC-571 - Staff are now notified in game when a user is reported, helping increase exposure to new reports. Be sure to /report all rule breakers, even if staff are on the current server!
    • EMC-561 - The /pvp and /mobarena commands now work on their respective server *c*
    • EMC-550 - Many grammatical fixes to add apostrophes to make it "don't" *c*
    • EMC-112 - /res reset will now reset the 2 blocks out of a residence completely, fixing any town road or underground wall issues/changes from the previous owner.

      Also fixed a weird bug in the reset code that was setting all of the dirt to grass, which the server would then just have to convert back to dirt *c*
    • /report now supports tab completion of all players who have been online in the past 2 days.
    • Due to popular request - Zombie Virus and Shiny Flesh have had their positive effects removed in PvP.
      Additionally, outside of PvP both have had their duration massively reduced.

      We felt that these items, while attempting to be balanced with negative effects, still offered way too powerful of benefits. Combined with the drop rate of these items and how easy they are to get, it was a bit overpowered to only need to use 1 and get a long buff duration.

      Zombie Virus: 20 second duration for Resistance (0 in PvP)
      Shiny Flesh: 5 second duration for Regeneration (0 in PvP)
    • Added Gravel to the list of blocks eligible for destruction by TNT
    • TNT Can no longer be used to PvP
    • Major Performance Boost to the server in its handling of Tile Entities (Chests, Signs, Pistons, etc). We believe all of the issues with this update are worked out now, and the pistons are functioning as expected.

      This is a pretty substantial change in the entire Minecraft Server world, and i'm hoping I can convince Mojang to pull this into Vanilla Minecraft!

      Empire Minecraft is where many of the biggest performance improvements Spigot servers get is created at. I love to contribute our success back to the community in hopes that Mojang will pick it up too, and I'm proud of this change!
    • Another Performance Boost in terms of how the internal code "Finds" players. This was something I added to Spigot in the past but apparently was removed... This brings it back.
  2. 4th

    EDIT: Time for an actual post. Looks really nice Aikar. I particularly enjoy the fact that Virus and Shiny Flesh has no effect in PVP. While it may not have been a big deal in the long run I always forgot my Viruses and Fleshes (and preciouses).
  3. lol
  4. Yay new updates!
  5. seems legit =P
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  6. and another note, added
    BBCode to link to Track :)
  7. Yes! Get rekt shiny flesh users!!!
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  8. One sligt question for a non-educated player. What is the difference between a bukkit server and a spigot server if any?

    EDIT: I will miss my days of using shinny flesh in pvp :(
  9. Does it work with SITE and WIKI too?
  10. Spigot is a firm of bukkit. So that means the bukkt team crates the bukkit servers and groups like spigot make code changes that will not be accepted in the master version.
  11. yes
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  12. Spigot servers are faster and have many more features and configuration options. Bukkit is designed to be super simple and plain, where as Spigot is designed to solve the problems many people have, and provide tons of configuration on how things work for your server.

    Spigot has an easier to work with contribution system, as the previous bukkit team was very hard to work with.
  13. *Chews on a god apple* You were saying? :p
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  15. So question - if I paid money to have the sidewalk and under the sidewalk edited... and I unclaimed the res associated with it or it was force claimed...but the above town roads and below town roads weren't reset

    ...and someone else now owns that res - would I still have the right to have it reset back to default?
  16. Two things I noticed post update (maybe its just me though).

    1. My furnaces no long glow when they are actively smelting.
    2. When I open chests, I hear the open sound effect (it's delayed quite a bit) but not the close sound effect.

    Anyone else have these problems?