Performance Improvements / Bug Fixes - 8/13/14

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  1. Hey everyone. I've heard your cries about block lag and done a bit of research and investigation into improving it!

    This update is adding a pretty substantial performance improvement around the code that processes "Tile Entities", things such as Chests, Furnaces, Beacons, Hoppers, Pistons and.... even Signs.

    Signs being a key point - Mojang was processing code on them when they did absolutely nothing! So for the benefit of the Spigot community, I have fixed Mojangs code for them, giving a pretty substantial improvement to the server performance.

    This so far has had no bugs on other peoples server, but please report any issues to me immediately with things such as hoppers, furnaces and pistons.

    • Major performance improvement to Tile Entities
    • Fixed Mod Chat Color (Since even a non moderator reported this to me, and our OCD moderators are going nuts and might go on a ban spree! Just kidding :))
    • Fixed a bug where if someone said your name twice in the same chat message it would look like "AikarAikar", erasing everything in the middle.
    • More backend rewrites around chat preparing a lot of things for SquareNet (A network to provide cross-server chat capabilities for /tell and more to come)
  2. Is it possible this could have broken Blaze Spawners? I seem to be having issues with an XP farm right after the update happened. Could be coincidence but thought I'd check!
  3. please PM me coords, but mob spawners SHOULDN'T of been impacted as I left them on the default setting
  4. Second on the blaze spawners. Slowed/nerfed.

    Also, hoppers not picking up items, at least those covered with half slab. Gold nuggets piling up...
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  5. Coords sent via PM, thanks for taking a look!
  6. inb4 Aikar anouncing he fixed the bugs within the latest reboot.
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  7. If anyone has issues with invisible blocks (probably piston related) - start a conversation with senior staff; We will help you get it sorted, if you are unable to fix it ;)

    EDIT: Problem will just re-create itself even after it is fixed. Will help players out with fixing their issues once a proper fix is deployed.
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  8. I'm undoing the tile entity change until I can figure out whats going on with Pistons now.

    The 2nd reboot did fix most the issues, but were seeing weird behavior in some redstone machines.

    However we do still have 1 change I didn't think was worth a specific note to how the world saving works that should hopefully help reduce lag 'spikes' from when the world force saves.

    That is staying in at least, but the TE one was much nicer :(
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  9. I think it's because id 36 is seen as a tile entity in its own self - because the 'block' next to a piston - in this case the extended part (id 36) is there by default... but when a full block is next to a piston - that block becomes the tile entity in this case... so if there isn't a block there - that might be when the problems occur.

    Or when the piston stays extended ... then id 34 and id 36 are in the same block... so it might not load correctly.

    At least that's what I believe is the case.*
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  10. Aikar fixing mojangs code :D