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  1. Hey guys,

    We are all very aware (Justin is very very aware) of the issues that are causing the servers to be laggy/crashy from time to time now in 1.3. Unfortunately it's the game causing this and not our servers. Justin is keeping a close eye on the progress of the bukkit++ team and waiting on them to get a stable release for us. Until then, just know that when a server crashes he gets notifications and will respond as soon as he's able to, which has never been more than about 5-15 minutes in most cases. There may be rare instances where he's not able to react that fast, depending on what he's doing at that time, but it will always get resolved sooner or later.

    Hang tight with us as we understand how annoying this is for everyone.



    Update (08/13/12): We're on Bukkit++ now. It's not perfect yet, but it's a step forward. Minecraft and bukkit will likely have a lot of annoying errors for a while. I'll try and keep them posted here in the main post so people know what to expect. Feel free to post tips you're experiencing and I'll try and add them here.

    If you have any major machines such as doors using expensive blocks (diamond/gold blocks for example) it might be wise to disable the redstone on them for now. There have been reports of items hooked up to pistons "disappearing".
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  2. I hope things get better :)
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  3. There is NO doubt that they will. It's simply a waiting game at this point.
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  4. I dont mind the crashes, but stuff is disappearing. I have lost 20 stacks of sould sand, and 45 sticky pistons so far:( And the thing is, even though i tried every suggestion, it DOESNT come back:( ICC, do you happen to know about this issue? If you do, is it caused by the game, or is it bukkits "fault?"
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  5. They know about it, i lost 15k worth of diamonds, enchanted materials, and villager eggs...
  6. i lost 45 glowstone i brought i reported it to IcC
  7. SMP1 just went down
  8. i havnt lost anything... thank god :)
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  9. I lost a furnace... I worked hard for that furnace.
  10. Ouch!:eek:
  11. ... I randomly died in the wild for no reason. TWICE!!!
    The chunks are getting their revenge...
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  12. Same i was swimming then bomb dead X_X
  13. lol. I just found that my Transcontinental railway now is the So-laggy-it-teleports-me-over-after-1-min-of-staying-still railway. Can't tell which one is better :p
  14. Yea! I lost 2 bits of enchanted gear but it was only unb 3 eff3 and a power 2
  15. Thanks for the update ICC!
  16. Hey I'm lucky that I haven't lost anything yet.
    Please fix this before I Do :)
  17. I'm going to temporarily post this on the front until an update comes that makes these problems more obsolete with 1.3.

    Until then, we recommend playing it cool for a bit with things. Try not to do any major item moves during this time. For example, don't break full chests on the ground so you can grab them and move them to another one. Try not to make any major purchases that you can't afford to really lose should Minecraft go glitchy for whatever reason.

    Unfortunately, since we can't log every single item movement, there's no way for us to verify what was and wasn't lost so as a policy we've always had, we don't give out items due to game glitches that might occur to be fair. While I know this does suck, it's to prevent the players who would take advantage and claim items were lost when they really weren't. We don't even give staff items that were lost, out of complete fairness.

    We will update you as soon as we know that a more stable version is being run on the servers. We're keeping an eye on the updates so we can apply them asap when we know one exists.
  18. no need for this post ICC :) We know Justin does the best of his abilities that he can for this server. He has probably done more for the server then we can imagine & we owe him a big thank you. O and don't forget a nice warn creeper hug fresh from the wilderness ;-)
  19. We have a few people that message us, however requesting more updates on these kinds of things. We know that most users already understand this, but this post is for those that might not know/understand us as much as our veterans. :)
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