1.3 Bug Status Update / Development Update

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  1. Hey guys... I wanted to give a central place to update everyone where we are with 1.3 bugs.

    I'm sure you've all noticed a TON of reboots lately. This is because I've been actively trying different things to figure out the source of the problem.

    Here is where we are:

    Current Bugs
    • Chunk Rollback Issue: Appears to be a Mojang 1.3 MC issue - Reported here : http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Issues
    • Items returning to/from chest after using them: Appears to also be a Mojang 1.3 MC issue - Reported here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Issues
      Also reported by our user battmeghs as to happen on vanilla servers too.
    • Pistons/Furnaces etc breaking in town: Culprit Unknown.
      Actively researching this one. Appears to possibly be a bad plugin. We have not been able to replicate it on will, so this makes debugging slow. Has to do with Pistons.

      We have now put in a change that will stop breaking pistons/furnances, but we are still tracking down the root cause.
    • More Lag with 1.3: Known bug in Bukkit and animals

      We have implemented automatic restarts as a way to curb the lag. A known bug in bukkit makes servers start lagging after they have been on for a while. No fix has been mentioned yet.

      Another issue seems to be increased lag from animals. We have recently discovered animal counts in town are outrageously high, so we have implemented a Limit on animals and monsters. This should drastically help our entity counts and reduce lag.

      We are also going to be looking into adding very experimental custom modifications to the Bukkit server itself to modify animal behavior to reduce lag by them (Remove the "looks at players" feature, and make them move/eat less often if no player is near them, and make them not eat if they have wool...)
    Current Status
    We are currently running at full speed on all servers during most times due to the automated reboots. I just reduced the timer to be every 6 hours instead of 2.

    A change has been applied to keep Pistons and Furnaces working even when the error triggers, so they should be "fixed" to you guys, but we still are putting effort into this issue to PROPERLY fix it.

    Overall lag should be reduced with lower animal counts. Deadline for removing excess animals is Thursday, September 13th, 2012. After that, we will enact auto remove at any time.

    Current Development

    We've opened a Development Roadmap thread here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dev-roadmap-updated-9-12-2012.13616/

    But quick summary:
    • Current: Debug modifications to Bukkit to diagnose Piston/Furnace problems.
    • Next: Fix what ever is causing that, Animal/Monster auto kill when over limit.
    • Then: Continue to work on updating Residence to latest version. This is a primary suspect for Piston issues.
    • Finally: Dragon Tomb update
  2. I've got an effected rollback chuck if we need one for testing.

    Basically the lot 3881 (SMP2) is covered with reeds (and some sheeps underground). A row of reeds is missing, can be replanted, and it will disappear later on again. I haven't tried within the last week to plant that row, but as of a week or so ago it was replicate-able.
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  3. Thanks for the info! I recognize a lot of these bugs from reports of others, especially the piston bug. Hope the bugs get fixed eventually.
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  4. Oh, is that one of the bugs? I've noticed rows of reeds disappearing on a certain residence on SMP4, also.
  5. Awsome,But any date on the dragon update yet? :)
    Are you a moderator???
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  7. Yep. When did you become a mod, Margaritte? Monday, I think?
  8. A very Well written and explained update, thanks no longer leaves us in the dark...

    Can these possibly be done weekly?
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  9. i've had the land rollback problem on my own single player games, i've never noticed it on emc, or my server.
    but i only ever happened to me once. never did it again, probably because i threatened it to work or i'd murder it. :rolleyes: everything always works when you tell it it is going to die or else. :D

    anyway, good job.
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  10. I think that's a good idea.
  11. We will try. I'm working on getting a Development Roadmap out soon too, maybe can get Justin to sign off on it today.
  12. Thanks for working on these issues.
  13. People who are complaining about the wait for the Dragon Egg update should really stop and look how hard the EMC Team is trying to make a better experience for us by not only moving foward to stop and fix the bugs, but to bring us awesome updates as well. Great job guys! Hopefully It'll be fixed soon!
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  15. Too reduce eyestrain of course. As soon as you click the link you can look at the new updates things in dev.
  16. Since the post will be edited a lot it will be like the update thread and locked. Comments would be unrelavent as the thread goes on so best to keep discussion about things to their separate threads
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  17. Why does the server now say PMC - IceCreamCow?
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  19. So will these reboots every 2 hours stop once all the pistons and furnaces are working for good? That's partly the reason you guys implemented that int he first place.