What is this?

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  1. I just noticed this. Since when this was here?

  2. That was quick, haha.

    Some people have claimed our servers on PlanetMinecraft. We have to do this ugly message to verify to them that we own the servers, not the ones who used our info. My username on PMC is also IcecreamCow.
  3. Agh, people claiming EMC.... :(
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  4. I just noticed something.
    Piens (latvia word) translates to Milk. ( I used google translator)
    P- Piens
    M- Mine
    C- Craft
    PMC - Piens Minecraft
    If we translate the piens into english, it means Milk Minecraft: IcecreamCow
    Intersting, no?
  5. On an unrelated note:
    Dat theme.
  6. Subbed like a bosss!
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  7. Haha nice
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  8. you should put this up on the fount page