1.10 What do you think it will have?

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  1. The next update is named the far future update so with that name what do you think it will bring to Minecraft. Currently the only thing hinted at being added is maybe a new mob called bears. So let's predict things for what the far future may hold for Minecraft!
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  2. I don't know what it will have, but those googles in RV are pretty awesome and I would love to see those again :cool:
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  3. Currently, it seems to be focusing on the nether. People have asked for more life there for years.
  4. Maybe birds?
  5. Something that I'd love to see implemented is a coupling on minecarts. Use a slime ball or hook and string to couple 2 minecarts together. I'm a railroader on smp5, that's how my crops get from residence to residence (my residences are adjacent to each other) and the minecart sometimes like to make a getaway on me xD, why not a couple feature to stop that from happening? With that couple feature you can pull instead of push.
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  6. I think we will have more ocean mobs
  7. I want to see more sounds and more wild life.... like crickets in the pains and birds in the forests and frogs in swamps..... etc....

    I would also like more stuff in water such as fish you really see or sharks and maybe plants underwater......

    Also I want to be able to have a furnace minecraft you sit in and can fill like a chest and attach storage minecarts together and be able to stop and go on the train....

    There are also many blocks such as all the clays and wools in stairs, slabs and add inverted versions as well

    Would add so much to the game.
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  8. Currently, Mojang seems to want to add interactive or explorative things in the game, as opposed to decorative things, which is understandable with all the children that play Minecraft.
    With that said, even though I and other hardcore players want it, I don't think Mojang will ever do an update dedicated to building, despite it being a core part of the game.

    Example Features:

    Command Blocks

    Game Mechanics

    Ocean Monument
    End City

    Map Structures
    Cave Systems

    Grass Path
    End Rod

    Building Blocks

  9. These all seem like wonderful ideas for sure but the day Mojang adds foxes I will hop with joy.
    Circles? Hmm not square enough.
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  10. Well, we kind of have confirmed features.
    • Polar Bear (Well, a bear. Most likely polar. Not bipolar though)
    • New nether block
      • Look solid but it will catch you on fire
    • Endermen in the nether
    All we really need now are smooth double stone slabs.
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  11. man iwas reading this and I agree, GO NETHER!
  12. Microtransactions. Monetization of UGC?
  13. this are confirmed updates...

    Mojang is on an overhaul mood. 1.7 Land/biome overhaul 1.8 ocean overhaul 1.9 end overhaul 1.10= nether overhaul probably
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  14. I'm praying it fixes PvP.
  15. What are we trying to do? Balance things?
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  16. Yanno what I wanna see in 1.10? Heres a list
    • Whales and dolphins
    • Furnaces of varying colors depending on the stone used for it
    • Chests of varying colors depending on the wood used for it
    • Sandwiches
    • Spears that you can throw or use for melee but take longer than an axe to use in exchange for more reach
    • Corn
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  17. I'm pretty sure bears aren't confirmed
    I wanna see corn though
  18. Space exploration
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  19. Now were getting somewhere!