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Do you like puzzles? I do

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  1. Down a hole in the corner of the building at spawn there is a painting. If you throw an item on a pressure plate behind the top left block of the painting the door will open. There's an armor stand, lava, and a sign that days "safehouses"
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  2. ReplayEMC


    Looks like "safehouses" was the 4th and final key, and the decoded message reads,

    "The time has come. If you have found all of my messages there is nothing I can do to stop you. Come to my bunker and I hope you bring good will. myBunker"

    Then I used the loc, "myBunker", to arrive at this room:

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  3. Congratulations! You found it. I will update everything and explain the prize tomorrow.
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  4. There is only 1 thing we can make from all this... Matheus killed Kenny!
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  5. And, once again, I didn't get a chance at it before it was solved already :p
  6. Op updated with how the puzzle worked. The thread with info on the "prize" is here.
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  7. That seems like an interesting puzzle! I don't like how the res needed to be edited in-between, though.
  8. The editing was meant to create some of the story I wanted around this one. In the future I will definitely try to avoid that though.
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