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Do you like puzzles? I do

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  1. Yus
  2. The room was made one block longer, and now when you look at the dirt v. no dirt as o's and 1's, you get the binary number:


    Converting this to text gives you the word, "troll". Very funny, dude. :mad:
  3. Maybe try troll as a loc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. like if we hadn't tried
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  5. C'mon, give us a hint ;-;
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  6. Don't give up. You are on the right track. Just figure out what to do next. No dead ends.
  7. Everyone is on the right track and very close. Good luck.
  8. Nice try, but I've certainly given up, at least. You won't fool me into believing in myself that easily.
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  9. As a wise man once said:

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  10. How did you guys get this far?
    I found the text in the OP, and then went to jkrmnj's residence on smp1. I can't see anything on it that might be a clue, though. There are some signs I can't read because they are too far away.
  11. Everything needed to get to the next step has been found. The reason my res is currently closed is because the final part is currently set up. Post any progress you make so others can help out. If someone else wants to fill others in, post here with everything you have found up to now.
  12. Ah, so the move flag being off wasn't part of the puzzle? That wasn't clear.
  13. Everything you need to solve this part is in the thread already. You just need to put it together. Once you figure it out, post it here.
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  14. I'll let the masses handle that. Since it has been like, what, 3 days?
  15. So, apparently I'm just really stupid, because I somehow never tried the obvious, which works.

    I've been looking for the decryption key for the 3rd line,
    ...and when we got to the "troll" thing, I thought it was just a dead-end, or that there was more to that room, or something like that. Well, I just tried using "troll" as the decryption key, and it works. >.>

    The message reads,

    "Every day it seems they get closer. I don't know how much longer until they find me and my secret."


    To be clear, the next thing to do is use this clue to find the decryption key for the 4th line,
    ...and hopefully the main residence will be opened again in order to do that.
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  16. What?! I thought I had tried that :/
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  17. I think I must've tried using "troll" as the key for the group of 4 lines together, but it only seems to work when you isolate the 3rd line.
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  18. I feel so silly. I was trying to decode in 128 bit
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  19. I noticed some strange new people at my res today...
  20. To the puzzle! Quickly, everyone!
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