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  1. Replay-EMC

    The goal:
    Provide a place for everyone to share tips and tricks, emergent gameplay, and their knowledge in a fun, group based setting.

    What kind of content will there be?
    This is pretty broad and can be pretty much anything. If you do it on EMC then it fits in the event. The only real restriction is that its primary purpose is to inform. For example, if you have a really cool build you want to show off, you can’t just give a tour. Instead, explain how you made it and why you did what you did. Be insightful so that players leave with something new. You can also do things like show off how you pvp/pve strategies or some a minigame you made. Once again, the only requirement is that it intends to teach and can be done on EMC.

    Where will this content come from?
    Players will give the content. Anyone can provide content. If you are interested, check out the spoiler below for getting added. Your content must be somewhat original. Don’t just use something you found in a video but you can modify things that already exist.

    Where does it take place?
    Content related to the event will be found all over. First, there will be live and recorded content taking place throughout the event. Coming to the live event might offer some interactive fun depending on what the host does. There will also be written posts detailing something if the host doesn’t want to do something live. Everything, recorded or written, will be shown on the main thread which will act as a hub for all the information.

    When does it happen:
    June 8th through 15th. This week long event will have a steady stream of content every couple of hours depending on how many people sign up to host. The purpose of making it so long and across the weekend ensures everyone will be able to participate to some extent. Even if you can’t come live, you can always check out the thread after the event. These dates are subject to change if timing turns out to be a problem. Plenty of notice will be given if it happens.

    Thanks for being interested in making this happen. The time commitments needed to be a host range depending on what you want to do. You pretty much have 3 options and can do as many as you want.
    1. Writing a text based post. Send this to me whenever it is done with any BBcode formatting you want in the post. I will review it and you will be able to post it officially during the event (unless you want me to post with credit to you)
    2. Recording something beforehand. Simply send the recording to me for review when done. I will give you a time slot to post it.
    3. Streaming/performing a live event. Send a description of the event to me and when you want to do it.

    If you are doing 1 or 2, the review part with me is completely optional although only those sent to me will be advertised on the OP. You will also have the option of having you post put in the official schedule and advertised beforehand but if you fail to post in the agreed upon time frame, I will post it for you giving you credit.
    If you don’t send it to me for review, you can always post it during the event, just make sure it follows the rules and realize you won’t be mentioned anywhere.
    Please post a very brief summary/teaser in the thread so I know you are working on something.

    If you do option 3, you must schedule a time with me if you want to be put in the op and must have a way of recording it.

    Hopefully this all makes sense :rolleyes:
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