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Apr 12, 2023
Dec 29, 2016
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Dang already into February. Mardi Gras season!!! Jan 27, 2023

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Apr 12, 2023
    1. Tuqueque
      Yep, I’ll review all post again and make sheet more thorough at a later date
    2. Zomberina
      Only one gold voucher remains hidden in +kiringsmid on smp3 Also, this event comes to a close tomorrow! If you haven't had the pleasure, come check it out!
    3. Zomberina
      Did you know there are promos still hidden in new secret spots at +kiringsmid on SMP3?!? Horse heads, grandma oven, blitzen egg and more!!! Good luck!!!🥳🥳🥳
    4. Zomberina
      I see everyone going crazy for froglights and gravel. If you can't win an auction, I've got you covered at +missz on smp3! 3 dcs of every color in stock, 10 dcs of gravel, lots of sand, and for a fraction of the auction price ;) Come and git!
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      2. PetezzaDawg
        Y o u c a n n o t o u t c o m p e t e t h e g r a v e l g o d
        Jul 9, 2022
    5. Zomberina
      It's auction time at +swap on SMP3! Bring your rupees or stuff and have fun for a lil bit :D
    6. Zomberina
      Last Saturday of the month is tomorrow!!!! Get your vaults booked if you haven't yet. Got about 8 left...Lots of promos this week
    7. Zomberina
      +kiringsmid is open for the next month! Survive the trials of being a lazy youth trying to redeem your honor as a hero instead! All on SMP3 :D
    8. Zomberina
      Kiringsmid awaits on SMP3!! Shulker give away starts in 5 minutes at +swap on SMP3!! Come get a number!!
    9. Joy_the_Miner
      Hi Zomberina! ^^
      1. Zomberina
        Jun 21, 2022
    10. Zomberina
      Things looking good. Will host the event while out of town! :D Tomorrow is the night!! I moved it up an hour to 7pm EMC time. Deets in public events forum.
    11. Zomberina
      Have to drive ten hours to get toy child tonight. Event postponed for a few days.
      1. MoreMoople
        I hope your son is okay! <3
        Jun 18, 2022
    12. Zomberina
      Due to quite a few requests, the choose your own adventure event has been moved to tomorrow night to accommodate folks' schedules. Same location, same time.
    13. Zomberina
      Work work work work work work work work work. I make my own schedule. Debating if I should work at night to night and enjoy a day of MC or the other way around. I keep falling alseep when I play at night :/
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    14. Zomberina
      Looking for an everlasting axestopper. HMU plz :)
    15. Zomberina
      I'm hitting day 2000th on EMC in 13 days! Gonna have a fun time! Deets in the public member events.
    16. Zomberina
      I miss everyone so much! I miss relaxing and playing MC. But work has me so busy along with the new house. I'll be back on in another few days though. For sure this weekend at last~!
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    17. Zomberina
      It's auction time at +swap in an hour! If you need a vault, hit me up! Earn those rupees tonight!
    18. DrasLeona247
      New photo, who dis???
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      2. Zomberina
        May 16, 2022
    19. Zomberina
      Today's the day!! Community Swap and Auction Meet at +swap on SMP3 tonight at 8pm EMC time (That is EST I believe!) If you haven't gotten your auction vaults yet, better get with me! They fill up fast! Limit 3 per player.
    20. Zomberina
      This Saturday at 8pm EST let's get together and hold the Monthly Community Swap and Auction Event!!!!!! I'm in my new place and all set up online. :D See you there!!! Details updated in the Member hosted events thread!
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