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Dec 29, 2016
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A stiff attitude is a sign of rigormortis. Guess I need a vacation. Sep 21, 2022

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Sep 30, 2022 at 5:10 PM
    1. Zomberina
      Added more horses to my animal barn as well. Got some slow bros available for only 8k. I have a ton! So help them get good homes. :)
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    2. Zomberina
      Got a few new items in stock at +Missz on smp3 including a rare bugged treasure map and my latest nft, LOTR Mantra! Added more stock of horse heads, Blackstone, and more!
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      2. farmerguyson
        Hey Zomberina, I found 2 of those blank maps in smp3 waste. I ruined the first one by clicking on it so I have 1 now. I was wondering if you tried comparing your found map to a renamed blank map. I renamed a map and the 2 look identical in my inv but I didn't test to see if my renamed map could cross smp's. My found map can.
        Apr 8, 2022
      3. Zomberina
        Yeah, blank maps can cross smps no matter how they are named. I just know I found several right after the update and kept one. Previous maps I had at my shop are also wonky now too. Unrendered monument maps for example that I have from before the update. Interesting lil bug.

        Turn on tool tips and look at the renamed vs the bugged. Treasure maps can't cross servers, unless they bugged.
        Apr 8, 2022
    3. Zomberina
      Gonna be a lil out of touch tonight. Too much stim at wrk today. <3
    4. Zomberina
      1. UltiPig
        8pm EST = 9pm EDT
        Mar 26, 2022
    5. Zomberina
      Mark Your Calendars! 3/26/2022 is the next Swap Meet & Auction event at +swap on SMP3. We'll be having a St. Patty's Day skin contest and a few other events too! Support vouchers and more for prizes! Contest details coming soon! Want to sponsor? PM me :)
    6. Zomberina
      yes I know my chat in-game is on dnd mode. Just a busy week with client meetings so enjoying the silence
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      2. zafir247
        /pay Zomberina 1 oi
        Mar 13, 2022
    7. Zomberina
      Shop will be in and out the next few days as I change over from chests to barrels to hopefully improve the lag at +missz. So, please bear with my mess! Thanks!!
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      3. Zomberina
        Yes! And I've already had a huge difference in lag
        Mar 8, 2022
      4. AnonReturns
        I know what my next project is going to be xD
        Mar 8, 2022
      5. Zomberina
        :) Best investment of time I've made yet XD It's only taken me about 8 hours so far....
        Mar 8, 2022
    8. Zomberina
      If you haven't don it yet, make sure to wish Drasleona247 a very happy birthday today!
    9. Zomberina
      Don't forget the Auction and Swap Meet tonight at 8pm EST on SMP3 at +swap! Trade, spend, and bid your night away from 8 -11p :)
    10. Zomberina
      Super excited that the Shopkeeper's Association is taking off! I love sending peeps to other shops that have supplies I don't! :)
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      2. w1therrex
        Just same as you, i launched shop partner program which include player shops linked each other's shop to form a useful network
        Feb 19, 2022
    11. Zomberina
      Per my usual Valentine's Day singles listing: "I'm not rich, but I'm rich on personality." -- Prince
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    12. Zomberina
      A stiff attitude is a sign of rigor mortis. --Haskins
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    13. Zomberina
      My client: Why do you need more than a three day turnaround for 20k words of content? Me: I don't just vomit words on to a page and they magically engage the audience....
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    14. Zomberina
      Supersmelter and other utilities now available at +missz on smp3! Just hit the teleport sign on the far right side of the directory to get there. Located in my bulkmart! FREE AUTO WOOL FARM on 6148 !!
    15. Zomberina
      Stragedy: "stra-geh-dee" n., When your plans slip on the banana peel of Life and faceplant in the toilet.
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    16. Zomberina
      Bulkmart now open with more items available. Glass, deepslate, wood, leaves, and so much more! Come buy and sell in bulk at +missz on smp3! Use the directory sign by the Pokeball!
    17. Zomberina
      Buying grandma's ovens for 25k each. Don't be low-balled and get my fair price!
    18. Zomberina
      Just in time for the New Year! Supporter vouchers now in stock at +missz on smp3 in the promo shop!
    19. Zomberina
      +BULKMART Tentatively open selling AND buying cobbled deepslate and regular deepslate. Shop directory teleport added to shop. By the Pokeball!
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    20. Dreacon78
      Good god that is one heck of an auction. Are you part mermaid or something? lol
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      2. Zomberina
        I have my methods :P
        Nov 30, 2021
      3. Dreacon78
        Nov 30, 2021
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