Your Minecraft Pet Peeves

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  1. Exactly what the title says. I'll start. :)
    When someone in a minecraft video has an item on the ground and doesn't pick it up.
    And wither skulls. I cannot STAND it when there's a wither skull (item, not block) on the ground. Or in someone's hand or inventory. But ESPECIALLY on the ground. But not beacons.
  2. I hate it when something's uneven...
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  3. I dont like it when someone asks if they can know where your secret base is, and when you say no, they try to follow you out there. :) lol. im just giving you are a hard time qwerty :)
  4. When inventories and chests are all scattered. I always have to have my inventory sorted. Sometimes I have multiple chests and each has a label and is still then sorted. >.>
  5. :mad:
  6. dont be sore about it, like i said, i was just giving you a hard time. :D
  7. VITIRI's with me on this, "Little" Children!
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  8. I hate it when people don't pay any attention to the different colors of wood when they're building, and it ends up with random layers of pink, dark, white, and regular planks.
  9. i think i may be guilty of that lol. oops sorry :(
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  10. i hate when people spam the chat asking for donations "can someone donate me 100r" grrrrrr >:U
  11. You thought it was funny that night josh went "I tell you what I want what I really want! I want you to donate 100r to me!"

    Another that bugs me is this:

    Person 1: who sells planks?
    Person 1: who sells planks?
    Person 1: who sells planks?
    Person 2: Plz don't spam.
    Person 1: I'm not spamming.

    Person 1: who sells planks?
    Person 1: who sells planks?
  12. yeah that was funny xD
  13. Circles, I have never been able to understand them!

    Griefers, annoying and selfish lifeforms.
  14. Yeh, that's mainly my pet peeve - is you tell someone that something is against the rules (Mainly spamming the chat, all caps, or asking for donations) ... You tell them to stop, they say 'Sorry :/', then 2 minutes later they do it again.

    Another pet peeve is when i'm in the wild - just peacefully running underground or mining ... and BAM! It start's to pour the rain - flooding my ears with rain and thunder :p

    Lastly, is when someone tells someone else to 'shut up' ... I am very opinionated, yes ... If someone says something in chat that is wrong, or that I don't agree with, or if it's just annoying - i'll give my opinion on the matter. Or if everyone is just having a nice conversation, I also like to either participate or just sit there reading, hearing everyone's side of the story on certain subjects.... Then all of a sudden there will be someone tell someone to 'Be quiet, Callate, silencio por favor, or shut up' ... I think it's rude and disrespectful. If someone wants to let someone know that they think it's bothering them or they just don't want to hear them talk about it - they can either say their opinion in chat or 'turn off chat'.

    Those are my pet peeves :)
  15. When someone says: fjfjdjvhcjndjskdihvdjcnvhdkdnvnvbdbdbxdbsbnjcckvvndndbncjgkfmdncnjkdnvh
    Me: Please don't spam dude :)
    Them: I'm not, I didn't say it twice.
  16. When people try to follow you to your secret base, when someone begs for donations, chat spam, when every other chest shop is sold out and the last one remaining with stock is highest price, people asking you for build perms on your res, griefers, people that beg to buy a beacon: example ( beggar: plz plz sell me beacon, I give you 10k + items, -- me: sorry no they are for Christmas gifts --- beggar: plz plz I really want 1.), when I finish a build and have left over blocks such as stonebrick and you don't wanna throw away, not knowing what to build, not knowing what to use on your next project, zombies, not knowing how to build what you want to build, getting lost in abandoned mines, see amazing res's and then seeing my res and thinking " omg i suck", when someone spams you with Pm's , having a cool idea but not sure if it would work, the last drop of a good soda, having tons of rupees and trying not to go under a certain limit, seeing a super cheap item and chest is sold out, when I break a block on my res and someone standing behind me gets it, redstone stuff, afraid of editing your res drastically, wanting to go on adventure but something exciting in town happens the next second, when someone outbids you in a auction you really wanted to win, and dying in borderlands 2 when the person next to you won't revive you. Yah that's just a small part of some of my pet peeves, I'll add more when I see them .
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  17. Thought of some more. When you ask someone to help you decorate and they place ONE thing and immediately go "I'm bored." Yet when you go to the wild and make a small shack, they spend all their time decorating it.

    Can someone donate rupees to me? I'm trying to start a shop.

    Someone asking for your help then being a complete jerk.

    People spamming me like idiots to the point I ignore them and then they get a bunch of people to beg me to unignore them.

    When people order me around.

    When people accuse me of things others are doing.
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  18. The lack of love given to minecarts. Why Mojang, why?

    "Lets create a minecart system!"
    "Lets make it completely useless!"
    "Lets release over a period of a year, a smattering of crappy additions to solve problems that should never have existed in the first place!"
    "Lets not bother looking at all the great minecart mods out there and taking some of their better ideas and making them ours!"

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  19. Yeeah!
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  20. ppl that come into your shop and complain about the prices, if they they don't like they can go else where, but no they just go on and on complaining and why because the other shops are usually out of that stock item because they where too cheap in the first place.

    PPL that want there rupees back because they bought several of the same item all by mistake, yeah right
    We all make mistakes, I buy and sell a lot of items sometimes I make the error of selling too low but that does no mean I can then go to the owner of the shop and demand my rupees back - it's simple my mistake my loss etc.

    There are more but most have been mentioned already.
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