Your Eyes Do NOT Deceive You

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  1. No, you are not imagining things.
    Yes, the 'More' tab is now at the end of the page...and yes, I know that this post is not colorful =P


    Introducing (and some re-introducing) New Site Navigation Tabs =)

    Let's Break them down to get a better understanding...

    Nothing changed here.
    Nothing changed here.
    My Empire
    This is now where you will find your rupee history along with your referral link. It has room for other things to be added at a later date too. (cue the ooohs and aaaahs)
    This is the biggest change so listen up. Here is where you will now find the server lists, leaderboards, info on joining web chat and Empire Mumble, as well as a new feature: EVENTS CALENDAR! (go check it out for more info)
    Just a new name for the old upgrade page. Makes more sense because everyone calls them 'ranks' anyway.
    Nothing changed here.
    Nothing changed here.
    Welcome back old friend. A quick handy shortcut to the rules so no one can say they didn't see it.
    Nothing changed here.
    Nothing changed here.
    Nothing changed here.
  2. We are also about to work on spicing up the community wiki page to be nicer, to then be the default location for the community tab.

    But it will point to servers until that page is spruced up.
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  3. No green text :p
  4. What is this white magic?!?!? :D
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  5. Under the community tab, the "Leaderboards" button doesn't work.
    It redirects you to while it's supposed to be
    Other than that small buggy bug, awesome work, I loved it!
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  6. fixed
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  7. Just tweaked around the navigation tabs to make the sub menus a lot easier to use!
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  8. Disappointed on the removal of the wide website.

    Perhaps make it an option similar to the site colors?

    EDIT: Suggestion. Have the "My Empire" page show you your /p information
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  9. A lot cleaner looking, nice job :)
  10. Is everything on the Calendar EMC time?
  11. Nice :D The Members > Birthdays page no longer exists
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  12. Hmm, whadda ya do with the Track button?
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  13. Where's the server map with the live maps now ?
  14. Community > Servers :)
  15. This looks pretty cool, the Community tab looks nice :)
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  16. I'll re-add it as More
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  17. I know you have plans for the Community Tab, but one thing I noticed in the meantime:
    Events shows up on the drop-down menu, but if you just click on the Community Tab and the Community Page loads, there is no mention of Events or a Calendar. For those new to EMC, this could be either confusing or they might just not realize there was an Events Calendar at all.

    Edit P.S.
    Can you add somewhere on the EMC site, perhaps at the top of the page, what the current EMC time is, pleeeease. This seems to be one of the most confusing things for players. I see it questioned over and over in threads and it confused me for awhile. Now I understand that EMC time is basically "Eastern Time", but doesn't the relationship between that and other time zones even vary throughout the year? An official EMC time stamp would be helpful. I know this feature is easily accessible in-game with the "/time" command, but sometimes players are perusing the forum without actually being connected to a server in-game.
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