you need to see this!

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  1. Hey guys take a look at this photo 2014-09-28_21.26.57.png
  2. lol
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  3. Awesome! Better that the enraged baby zombie rides the chicken around rather than riding me around!
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  4. Um OK that's not often seen... imagine being killed by that,lol
  5. wahhahah thats funny xD
  6. Been there, Done that. NOT so fun as it looks x'D...
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  7. Yeah right..
  8. As if the normal enraged zombie wasn't fast enough...
  9. :confused: Yeah right??? :rolleyes: LOL. Dude, it's happened to me/us more than ONCE. :p My friend as a Witness.
  10. Man.. You speak nothing but the truth.. lolol.
  11. and this was right after a momentus
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  12. We run into enraged mobs, like.. ALL the time xD. It's fun and scary at the same time O 3O.
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  13. Phrasing

    And I think you just spotted the most rarest creature in all of the Empire.
    An enraged mob is uncommon.
    A baby zombie is uncommon
    A chicken jockey is rare
    Just wow.
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  14. Worst thing are these on difficulty 10! But cool that you found one!
  15. rare.png
  16. Ehh...... RUN :p
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  17. Hm, I think I did not actually need to see this...