You found a Wish lamp!

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  1. As you rub the wish lamp, Genie comes out of the lamp.

    Genie#2: Greetings mortal. I'm Genie #2 who grants wishes to those who wants to rule a country.

    Genie#1: Greetings mortal. As I'm sick of repetitive wishes from you mortals, I will now only grant wishes to what type of animal you wish to be.
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  2. I wish to be a Panda :3. Ok I kinda told half the truth. I'd be my "Fursona":
    She's a BLUE giant panda with a bushy striped tail. Her paw pads and tongue are purple. This is an old crappily done doodle btw:
  3. What kind of animal do you wish to be?

    I wish to be an eagle.

    nfell2009 wishes to be a Dog. :p Everyone knows that lol
  4. Rabbit.

    First time hearing about that spammer wishes to be a dog.
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  5. I want to be a pig! *oink*
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  6. Ninja Cat. Enough said.
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  7. Paaaaandddddaaaaa t
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  8. Either an Axolotl or a Wolf.
    No, an AxoWolf. Basically it's a cross between an Axolotl and a Wolf. I like them too much to decide between the two :p
  9. I wish to be the animal that knew where the lamp came from!
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  10. Wolf, chimp, or mountain lion.
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  11. An Enderman!
    Zombie Pig!
    Loch Ness!
  12. Pony, for reasons so obvious that I would be seriously worried for your mental condition if I had to explain it.
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  13. Actually, i'd like to be a T.Rex so I can eat all of these guys:
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  14. I find that colossally adorable how much you have thought this out.

    On topic, there's nothing I'd really like to be except a human. The ability to fly like a hawk, eat everything like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or be generally excellent like a panda is nothing compared to the sapient thought of a human. I find that hugely valuable, and I'll just be inferior if I were to change myself to something else.
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  15. Ninja Cat is just too fast for your T-Rex :p
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  17. Wut about zombies?
  18. If the zombies were in a herd/horde, it would die.

    If they were in a large/small group, they would be the ones dying.

    If there was one zombie that'd die a slow and painful death.
  19. Since I'm a potato you can't eat me ;) Omivore is potato, Carnvivore is T. Rex. Plant Potato is.