you dont need to stalk me, i am right here in the open.

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  1. Ok [redacted - making public accusations/drama is not allowed]. Step up and get it off your chest. You don't need to stalk me online in game or the forums. your pm about my auction having a problem. Sorry it was not up to your standard, it was my first auction and the way you went off laughing about the trouble I was in and running off to the staff to get me in trouble? Your something else. I thought we were good from our last conversation, why are you out to give me a hard time? I am just trying to play the game.

    Did you realize the auction you are currently bidding in for a Gold voucher is breaking one of the very rules that I was guilty of? why don't you complain about that? I also found 3 other auctions in violation of the rules at this very moment but guess what.... who cares! the people bidding are ok with it no one else minds. Why are you stalking me and making my game life difficult? I don't need to hide behind a PM to deal with you. in fact I don't know why I am dealing with you at all.
  2. The salt is real
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  3. I would recommend taking this to a pm with a staff member, although its okay to sometimes point people out I wouldnt recommend starting a public fight and getting other people involved.
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  4. I sent a pm to nick last night. no reply yet. I just got steamed a bit when I looked over other auctions which had violations with no corrections and lo and behold he was right there in an auction with a violation. I am not really one to be social anyway, this situation with him pming me while I am just trying to do some mining was very upsetting. I play to relax not have drama. I hear you, I think I am done with this. I am sorry everyone, I just realized doing this is almost no better then what he does and it makes my day even worse. I am leaveing this thread and trying to ignore him. Sorry you guys are getting drawn int to the drama, I know I don't want it.
  5. Have you ever had someone throw a fish at you on smp8? If so, there may be an explanation...
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  6. Please don't try and target other players or make accusations on the forums - no matter what the cause, this should either be resolved privately between players or if necessary, with staff.
    I'm glad you understand why we ask this of the community

    Locking thrread
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