y u no votifier?

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is votifier a nub?

no they is a n()()b 3 vote(s) 21.4%
lol ur a nub u doin it wrong 11 vote(s) 78.6%
  1. the last 3 servers on the vite for the empire page dont give any rewards. Is this normal?
  2. It's not normal, but it's also most likely something EMC has no influence over. And it happened more often with those three, so the best you can do is not to rely on those if you're voting to keep your residences protected.
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  3. wait voting protects ur res?
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  4. If your derelict time is under 7 days and you vote for the Empire then it'll be reset back to 7 days. So basically you can prevent your account from going derelict merely by voting for the Empire at least once per week.

    Of course the best way to prevent your account from going derelict is to log on: that will reset things back to 30 days.
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  5. i log o alot, i mostly vote fr tokens and rupees
  6. I am always voting on the first four sites with my four accounds, it does (almost) never fail, the last websites aren't working that good, indeed, you sould just think "I don't care, shit heappens" you aren't spending 1 hours for nothing, and, the fact you aren't reciving any items doesn't mean you vote isn't counted, it still helps emc, if you care :)
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  7. k
  8. Well my experience with the last sites is thusly:

    The very last one never loads properly so the vote isn't counted. The second-to-last one is buggy and you usually have to vote 3 times for it to register it. The third-from-the-last one is the same case as second.

    Recently, the primary sites (the top 5 sites) updated their reCAPTCHA Bot detectors and my phone no longer can allow me to vote there, claiming I need to update my browser (on a phone, seriously!? Lol). Soooo, yeah.

    TL;DR The last three are buggy and may not work on the first attempt.