Wouldn't it be awesome if...

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Yay or nay?

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Nay 6 vote(s) 28.6%
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  1. (This isn't exactly a suggestion, more of a "what if", but if it was possible, that would be so cool!)

    Basically, through my 222 days and 1 hour of being on EMC, I have noticed that each SMP has their own distinct "personality", if you will. I have lived on three different SMPs and I think I have finally found the right one for me.

    The Concept
    You would join the Empire and go through the tutorial and whatnot. Then you would come across a room where it explains the different personalities of the SMPs. Then, like in the Divergent series and Harry Potter, you would take a test that determines your "destined" SMP. Then you would be in a community of people think somewhat like you do. If you still don't think it is right for you, or you want to experience more of EMC, you could move your res if you wanted, but at least you are starting off in a good place. It would be really awesome if there was a hopper at the end that you sit underneath that shoots an item signifying each SMP out onto you depending on your answers, kind of like a sorting hat, but I don't think that is at all possible.
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  2. The thing is, personalities are constantly changing.
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  3. Although an interesting idea, as Sky said, the 'personalities' of each server change all the time, and so do the people that play each server too. Being on SMP9 for almost three years now, I've seen the people that play it change and change again, and the personality change also. I'm sure many others have seen this with other servers too. :)
  4. I suppose. Still would be cool though, I think.
  5. I think new players don't really care about what the personality of a server is like.

    They just think 'Let me just start with the game and stop throwing all sorts of questions at me'. they will learn about the personalities when they join the forums or join SMP8 :p
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  6. I like the idea very much, its awesome! Having moved smps a lot I love this idea, it would help me a ton! Great idea!
  7. I don't really think this is a good idea because of Sky's point and the fact that I think it could be stereotyping. Not everyone from one SMP is the same, everyone's unique so you can't describe an SMP in a few words.
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  8. Same, SMP9 used to be calm and cool, and now it has changed
  9. True, when I joined, it was like that.
  10. Well then, maybe it wouldn't be too awesome... Nevermind I guess...
  11. dont think this works. theres only 1 server ppl agree on: smp8, its kinda weird ^.^ i thought 6 was kinda noisy so i moved 2 four but i know some ppl think four is too noisy. and both are pretty quiet in the morning (EMC time). so u have 3 servers and 3 different opinions (noisy, calm, weird). which is real?

    u want 2 know server? then u should visit!
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  12. In the old tutorial(correct me if I am wrong) couldn't you choose which Smp you could go to? I liked that and that is how I got the server 4 of my reses are on. 5 stuck out to me. This was with my first account when you could choose I think so around 500 days ago.
  13. Not quite. Before the IP changed to play.emc.gs, you'd have to connect to [server].empire.us, which allowed players to choose what server they wanted to join. So they did get a choice, but it wasn't the tutorial.
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  14. Odd I could swear I remembered something at the end of the special mob showcase( that explained difficulty and like netherhounds) in the older tutorial. Must be in my dreams c:
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  15. You might be right. I was thinking of the old sandstone maze tutorial under the old shop.
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  16. But what about the poor souls that get sent to 8? I will not have that blood on my hands.
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  17. I love this idea and I would like to do this so +2 but -1 because my friends on Smp7 are different then me in different ways and I think that helps us bond a lot because we are attracted to our opposites and if your not good at something or you don't like it it your friend can do it for you.
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  18. ...So +1? :p
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  19. Just curious...
    What is SMP3's personality?

  20. Yes
    yeah and what is smp7s