Worst EMC Fail?

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Rate my fail (right below) on a scale of 1-5!

1 - Your fail was really bad. Sorry bro. 10 vote(s) 21.3%
2 - You have to be more careful! Not that bad. 17 vote(s) 36.2%
3 - Happened to me before. I have no sympathy for you. 7 vote(s) 14.9%
4 - Really? That's not a fail. 7 vote(s) 14.9%
5 - Happened to 7 other people yesterday. :P 6 vote(s) 12.8%
  1. So I was on SMP1 last night shopping for bookshelves and talking to battmeghs on Facebook, when she told me to go to 413 for bookshelves. I went there, and I appeared in Todd_Vinton's megamall. Most SMP1ers (not me :p) would know his residence by heart. I didn't, as I'm from SMP2. Anyway, I saw his Nether Star shop for 10k. I looked a bit closer, and accidentally bought one of his Nether Stars. That's the worst fail I've ever made. ;-;
    EDIT: He refunded me the money in exchange for the Star :D

    So I'm asking you, the EMC community, this one question. What was your worst EMC fail? It could be in the Frontier/Wastelands, talking to someone, oh, to hell with it! It can be anything you want! As long as it's a fail. So good luck everyone, and happy failing!
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  2. Spending all my starter money in the Empire shop ;)
  3. Same here....
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  4. It was not my fail, but someone else's:

    Wildtim9 (PMing me in game): I need you to come and get me, i'm stuck in the wild
    Me: Ok, coords?
    *Wild gives coords*
    Me: Hang tight, be right there
    *After 20m minutes of travel*
    Me: There you are!
    Wild: Oops XD
    Me: ...?
    Wild: I was RIGHT next to the protect spawn area! XD
    Me: ...
  5. The SMP5 Massive Excavation Project
  6. Once, when I was jumping off a tall huge building with a few of my friends, I accidentally misspelled jump into hump. Everyone was laughing at me.
  7. Gangnam, by far...
  8. Somehow getting stuck on a pressureplate. I still have to find out how it happened exactly, but whenever I logged on, minecraft immediately crashed. Oh, the good ol' 1.8 beta times...
  9. Accidentally paying 5k for a diamond sword in the Mob Arena....
  10. Ouch :p May I ask, how do you accidentally pay 5k for a sword in the mob arena?
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  11. When I first joined the Empire, I made a house that was one huge wooden block. I had to burn it down to get rid of it.
  12. I was curious, and I accidentally clicked... :oops:
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  13. I was in the Utopia wastes and i was with Tomj and he told me to go to a set of chords to go to for a farm or something I can't remember but I went to the chords in the opposite direction and I had to walk many thousands of blocks to eventually get to him...

    I was not happy that I misheard the chords and went the opposite direction -_-
  14. Spending ages digging out my first res on.smp6, then realised there isn't any ores >.>
  15. Reminds me of;
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  16. Lol, I thought there should have been stone underneath the dirt when I first joined and was disappointed to find that there wasnt
  17. I died in the wild with my ICC Head and it despawned.
  18. forgotten to turn -firespread and build a lava light in my old wooden and wool house :(
  19. 1. Made a fireplace in my wooden house. This was back when we had that retarded grass growth is part of firespread thing.

    2. Made the trek all the way out to LLO, went on a tour and then fell out of the tree I was building my house in and got sent back to wild spawn. Had to have Curundu get my stuff xD.

    3. Used Invi-Tweaks to dump out dirt I had and ended up accidentally dumping whole inventory at once and the Unbreaking Efficiency pick I got from Alex's secret santa thing in too :I
  20. Lol, same.
    Except I fell off one of the railways....