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  1. Welcome to Stonehold. This is a wild outpost I thought up a few weeks ago. But Stonehold isn't any normal wild outpost. It is what I believe is one of the first completely underground wild outpost. This underground outpost will start out with some houses and farms, but I plan for it to be a majestic underground city, complete with beautiful architecture, amazing Great Halls and other rooms, diverse building styles, and much fun. Stonehold will be located on the great server of Smp6.
    So what sets Stonehold apart from other wild outposts, other than its undergroundiness?
    Its unique leadership and government system.
    Stonehold will be ruled by a Captain. This Captain is elected into leadership by his fellow members. The Captain then appoints four Governors. Each Governor will manage their own Department. The departments are:
    1. The Department of Defense. The Department of Defense will light up the area, protect the Miners on expeditions, and ensure that Stonehold is a safe place to live.
    2. The Department of Miners. Pretty self-explanatory. The Department of Miners will embark on mining expeditions, gather materials, and mine ores. They are also responsible for the collection of building blocks for the Department of Building.
    3. The Department of Building. The Department of Building will construct all rooms, manage building, and use the materials supplied by the Department of Mining to make new utilities like farms and smelting rooms.
    4. The Department of Enforcement. This is much like our police force. The Department of Enforcement will make sure laws are followed and no rules are broken.
    If one thinks that the original city of Stonehold is too crowded, they are allowed to form a new colony. But certain requirements must be met. The founder must have permission from the Governor of Building and the Captain to found the colony. The founder must also take along at least 2 other members to create the colony.
    Stonehold is now open for application!

    Application Format
    IGN (in-game name):
    How long have you been on EMC?
    What skills can you offer to Stonehold?
    Would you possibly want a leadership position, if so which one?
    Have you ever been banned before?
    If so, why?

    Current leaders of Stonehold:

    Captain - Adderwolf71
    Governor of Defense - jkrmnj
    Governor of Mining - princerupert
    Governor of Building - jacob5089
    Governor of Enforcement - ScarTheNinja
  2. Sounds cool!
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  3. IGN (in-game name): jacob5089
    How long have you been on EMC? January 15 2012
    What skills can you offer to Stonehold? Building and mining skills
    Would you possibly want a leadership position, if so which one? No position
    Have you ever been banned before? No
    If so, why/A
  4. I knew this would happen..... just didn't think this quick.

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  5. My mind derails quite quickly
  6. Stonehold is now open for applications!
    If your application is accepted, you will be added into a private conversation. Jacob, your application has been added, you will be put into the private convo.
    In the conversation, I will post the coords, general landmarks to help you find us, and since this is an underground city, the entrance.
    Things you should bring (suggested, not required):
    Set of iron tools
    A boat
    Some animal eggs
    Things we need to get done (main priorities):
    Build more living quarters
    Build a canal that connects to the ocean
    Expand the farm
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  7. Will this be a part of the NR?
  8. No, but I based the government system off the NR's :)
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  9. IGN:Scartheninja
    Says on emc: 425 ish
    I can offer farming and defensive/enforcement skills dur to my 'pvp ragemode'
    Not a leader position
    I have never been banned from EMC though my friend banNed me for using /nuke :p
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  10. Accepted... but it says I can't add you in the private convo :/
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  12. You were already accepted :p
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  13. Use the caps?
  14. Yes. It says
    The following error occurred:

    Invite Members
    You may not start a conversation with the following recipients: ScarTheNinja.
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  15. Urm... Who did dat :( Blame.... Someone
  16. Fixed, I believe
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  17. Some pictures:

    The Entrance Hall (currently unfinished)
    Spiral Staircase down to the lower levels
    The farm
    Your standard living quarters
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  18. Everybody, back when I joined and the servers were constantly full, built their bases underground and never built up top. Just saying :p
  19. IGN (in-game name): <--
    How long have you been on EMC? 555 Days Today I believe.
    What skills can you offer to Stonehold? Mining, building, and item farming.
    Would you possibly want a leadership position, if so which one? Possibly, do you think I could say later?
    Have you ever been banned before? From EMC, No. From another server, for hacking. only 1 hour of being banned for an actual reason, and one 24 hour ban for nothing. (SYSTEM fail.)
    If so, why? Hacking.