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  1. Hello everyone! As you all probably know, forums has gained an expanded Wiki Team Contributor section. But, what else do we need? You!

    The idea of this thread is for all of you to reply to the thread, with what you want to see! For example, if you wanted a specific page added, or updated (we will be looking to update pages over time, all the time, but if you see one that you think would be relevant to update more promptly) then simply comment down below with anything you think would be a good idea for the Wiki.

    If you want a custom item added to the Wiki, feel free to reply/comment below too, and if you want, you can add it to this link too: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/list-of-missing-promo-items/ (Do NOT abuse your edit capability on this page!)

    The other Wiki Team Contributors and I shall try to work to the best of EMC's and your needs, to make the Wiki an easier to navigate, yet detailed and informative feature to use! :D

    Possible lore images?
    Haunted Candies and un-official custom items area?

    *For more ideas, check replies*

    Independence Day Firework
    Empire Firework 2013
    Empire Firework New Years 2012
    Empire Firework New Years 2013

    The project that I first decided I would do for the Wiki to make it extra clear on the fireworks if I were to become a Contributor :)

    EMC Updates

    Thanks to 72Volt for putting these together!

    I think that is just about it, feel free to comment anything else if you are unsure, as long as it is relevant! Wiki Team Contributors may bump this at any time, and ask for things to be changed/added to it via PM. Remember to research/search to make sure pages are not already in the Wiki (or recently added by one of us) and try to keep a strong communication between us all! Thanks!

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  2. Waiting for a thread like this.
    Pictures of Lore, I think it would look a bit nicer than just boring old text.
    Haunted Candies pictures alternating between the several candies.
    Add "related items" somewhere at the bottom, much like the original Minecraft Wikipedia.
    Add vote-o-meter. Displays, in picture form, the amount of votes needed for each item, make it look nice pl0x.
    Add unofficial special items category
    Possibly a FAQ page answering most/some common questions users do have.
    Make the wiki menu page with graphics, to pretty it up. I find text unattractive when it is bulked up.
    More to come...
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  3. Something displaying what rewards you get at what vote streak would be mostly fitting for our wiki ;)
  4. A promo pig!! There's a promo horse and sheep after all ;)
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  5. Pictures of lore may be hard, as it would probably take some changing to the template, but we can see about that. Some of the things you mentioned may well be implemented when the Wiki restructure comes to life, more about that soon I would think ;) With the unofficial special items category, if you have any specific items to mention, feel free to tell them so we can see what we want to decide to do with those.
    Thank you for your suggestions!
    That is a good idea. I shall add it to the suggestion box and let the others see what they want to do with it/if added where it will go! :D
    There is no promotional pig in EMC, we are talking about things to add to the Wiki, not in game, sorry! ;)
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  6. IcecreamCow's drops. Other stuffs.
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  7. There's no promo sheep that I know of...

    Anywho, I definitely think actual lore pics would be great. It would also be fantastic if there could be some more details on the Zombie Maze MA's on the MA page. :)
  8. About the promo sheep, shaving foam has a sheep that is constantly changing colors
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  9. That is a minecraft 1.7 thing, rename a sheep in an anvil "Jeb_" and it will flash colors. :)
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  10. AWESOME wait do I rename the egg or a name tag and put it on the sheep
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  11. The egg.
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  12. Name tag also works, but its cheaper overall to just rename some spawn eggs.
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  13. What happens if u shear the sheep
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  14. It will give you whatever wool the sheep was originally.
    Now we should give FDNY his thread back :)
  15. Just a note, the sheep is not a promo.. more of an "Easter Egg". :) Sam and Rainbow I believe have answered your question. :D
    Thanks Sam :p
  16. Page for rumors and/or removed features.
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  17. *Watches thread closely.....*
    I know I am a wiki contributor, but I'm just going to throw this out here.......I think there should be some improvement on the community section, I don't know what to do to improve it, but I just feel that it needs a bit of an upgrade. Maybe some pictures to make it appeal-able to the eye. :)
  18. Maybe I should stick "appeal/graphics" into the spoiler up top for us Wiki Contributors? I will add it in now :)
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  19. We probably won't have a wiki for 'rumors'.

    The wiki is designed as a place for people to go get confirmed and accurate information.
  20. I'd love to know where the pages for sign formatting, shop setup, teleport setup, and various other helpful guides went.
    I remember them being very easy to find on the old Guide pages, but with wiki implementation they seem to have vanished, or become obfuscated to the point of being inaccessible.
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