Why rupees?

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  1. Why is our currency rupees? Just wondering
  2. i have no idea why, but i think its awesome. lol
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  3. xD

    I think its an Indian currency.
  4. it is someones legit currency, you are probably right.. as i don't know for sure. google probably has those answers, but i can't be bothered xD
  5. Rupees is an Indian currency and 1 rupee is .016 dollars. So 1000 us dollars is 62,410 rupees :) I converted how many rupees I have and I have 4,117 dollars :D
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  6. Well, rupees sound like a good name for a Minecraft currency, better than doubloons, Dollars, and Loonie/Toonie.
  7. Uhm well probably one day Justin got drunk and made a MC server with a hypothermic cow, then they invited a breakus-maximus named Aikar who's name nobody can figure out, then they thought what to use for a currency. The radioactive hamster suggested carrots, the hypothermic cow suggested Klondikes, the car with an eye suggested smackles but they all agreed on rupees. The end.
  8. Why couldn't it be like Rubles or Euro... I think that would be cool. :p
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  9. Petition on changing the currency to Rubles anybody?
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  10. [FONT=verdana[quote="SkyDragonv8, post: 618235"]Petition on changing the currency to Rubles anybody?[/quote]
    ]Hmm... No. I love the rupees.
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  11. Petition on changing the currency to emeralds anybody?
  12. Something tells me this is the only server, where the owner wasn't drunk(or being blackmailed) when he created it.
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  13. Yet it turned out a lot better than other ones.. Theory proved: Drunk server owner = better server
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  14. I quite like having rupees, I think it's a cool name :p Better than having Pounds (£), Euros or dollars ($)
  15. Oh lol, screwed that up, I meant he wasn't drunk :p
  16. My theory disapproved.
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  17. What is it with you and drunk server owners hey mba? :rolleyes:
  18. Theres only one that I know of... >.>
  19. I can't believe we call ourselves video gamers and nobody has mentioned that the rupee is the currency from Legend of Zelda. Come on people, you make me sad.
  20. One of my favorite games.
    Though,w e could have gone the star wars way and say whatever the heck they called it. I think that would be more appropriate for a server called the 'empire'. ;3