Why NOT to play on Difficulty 10

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  1. This was made this morning, just a short briefing on how hard difficulty 10 is if you are curious. I really want to get a solo boss fight in and record it so we shall see. :)
    God apples only give 8 seconds of regeneration II.
    Potion effects are cut in time greatly.
    Armor is reduced by 75%
    Items take more durability.
    Aikar is evil eh?
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  2. You wanted a challenge, did you not? =P
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  3. Oh my it feels so great watching you eat so many Shiny Apples haha.
  4. I like how the first thing most people did was go and see how long they would survive on Difficulty 10 :p
    First thing I did was turn my difficulty down to 3....

    Those Zombies just launch you e.e Good job surviving so long man
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  5. lol what good is all the extra loot if you can never actually pick it up
  6. I agree, mine is now on 1
  7. reasons why i hate difficulty 10 but will only play on it:

    mobs teleport to you if you are in their sight and shooting them
    marlix ate three sets of god armor and flew away like a jerk
    regular skellys have punch5
    so many god armors broked

    i killed a cow with my fist and got 60 leather it only took 2 minutes
    what? enraged creepers drop enchanted apples?
    the lulz
  8. What mod is the armor stats?
  9. i think hud
  10. Also, if you didn't know who samsimx is. How many times have you won mob area Sam?
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  11. Pfft, who doesn't know who samsimx is? :p
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  12. I mist the part where you died :D
  13. Quite a few times :p
    I actually didn't die, but I went through 4 sets of god armor and a stack of god apples. I got down to 1 1/2 hearts at one point though!
  14. Bump to warn!
  15. Doe sthis apply to mob spawners? If so would we get extra mob drops with mob spawners ? :D!
  16. I survived a few minutes with no armour on difficulty 10, I was proud of myself!
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  17. I don't think this is supposed to happen, but on difficulty 10 and full protection IV, a zombie pigman deals 5 hearts of damage sometimes.
  18. Those skills though. I must practice...
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  19. I would HIGHLY suggest not turning difficulty 10 on and hitting mobs at a trap, they will teleport out and kill you.
    Yeah that's a thing now. I think they also auto aggro on you but I may be wrong.
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