Who's birthday?!

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  1. This is a thread to see who has the same birthday as each other ( 23th may and 23th may) type in your birthday and we will see if you can get a match!!
    Have fun
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  2. Okay

    Feb 3rd
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  3. Lol so close mate.

    I am seepy... XD
    May 20th
  4. 7th February
  5. November 11th
  6. February 21st
    Also, happy birthday : )
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  7. If we go by emc time we have the same birthday but in pst I'm earlier

    Feb 20th my time ;)
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  8. January 22nd
    (Edited spelling...)
  9. January*

    October 26
  10. February 30th
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  11. Congratulations, you have got your birthday on a day that doesn't exict :p
    (or, it does, but the first time that that date will be there is in 8248 if I'm correct (I am to lazy to look for it on Internet) so, that means you are -6232 years old. Interesting...)
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  12. November 9th :D
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  13. May 14th
    (ShrinkingMatt and Dr_Chocolate also have the same birthday as me)
  14. August 2nd ;)