Who do you Fangirl/Fanboy?!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today I have gathered you here to learn the people/characters I fangirl :p I only fangirl over anime and movie/show characters. Share who you fangirl/fanboy below XD
    Here I Go:

    - Kakashi from Naruto

    - Zubuza from Naruto

    - Kyoya from Beyblade

    - Ikuto from Shugo Chara

    - Kyo from Fruit Baskets

    - Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender

    - and more XD

    Whats that? You want a bonus image? ok here ya go, enjoy:

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  2. Nothing because I'm not a teenage girl with an IQ below 100.

    The 1975.
    Lana Del Rey.
    Arctic Monkeys.
    Teen Wolf.
    The Walking Dead.

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  3. nice combo
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  4. abselutely nothing.
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  5. No fictional characters, probably. No celebrities either.
    And I'm trying to not fanboy/fangirl over friends, as it can get obsessive and that might be bad for the relation.
  6. what a god
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  7. I'm terrible at becoming a fangirl over a lot of shows, but my worst obsession is Doctor Who =)
  8. I watch some anime but..
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  9. Original Pokemon (Not some cheap pokemon -cough cough- Pokemon Go)
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  10. Not the only one :p I <3 Doctor Who. Who's ur favorite doctor?
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  11. In order:
    1st: 10 tennant
    2nd: 1 hartnell
    3rd: 9 eccleston
    4th: 12 capaldi
    5th: 4 baker
    6th and beyond: pretty even
  12. Lana Del Rey
    Twenty One Pilots
    Gavin Free/Rooster Teeth
    Melanie Martinez
    Lastly, the show Hannibal :D
  13. I <3 Matt Smith ( 11th Doctor )
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