Who am I :3

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  1. Hullu, i am da smoopless. and i am on emsee nao, buut i have ben for a wyle. so i iz a alt, and yu need tu guez quo i amz. and i haz res 18999 so daz cul. lol bai guavas
  2. I owned that res before~

    I bet you're AGamerCalledBen ;)
  3. Maybe.
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  4. Me?? Huh?
  5. Uhhhh, LittleBlueBun or whatever her name is rn she keeps changing it.
  6. Hi, :) Well im a alt :) From the future
  7. Who am I? None of your business. References aside, welcome to EMC where dreams come true! I hope you enjoy your stay new dude or alt.
  8. i think you might be TheBeacon
  9. I'ma guess someone from 8.
    - Hashhog
    - Dufne

    How did AGamerCalledBen know about this so fast? Coincidence, no.

    I agree, I think it's AGamerCalledBen
  10. Well, you must certainly have something to do with AGamerCalledBen.
  11. That doesn't make a lot of sense, honestly :p
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  12. In that it doesn't make sense makes it obvious. Plus, you're a trickster.
  13. you are an alt, that seems clear :p

    that's the wuestion you asked, who are you, well, an alt :P
  14. Maybe its just me, but I think it's pretty playish or altish to keep calling us alts. Us alts have rights too you know! We can /vote for the Empire (and get rewards), we can hold our own auctions even if those pesky mains get in the way (notice how EMC acknowledges our rights? Even when my pesky main is doing an auction I can still raid his storage and sell off his stuff on my behalf!... err.. wait..).

    Us alts have rights too@! :D

    And considering August is Alt appreciation month I hereby protest. As soon as I know against what I will let you know.
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  15. Alts Are People Too!
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  16. Alts are counted when EMC tally's how many user accounts there are on the server. 100k, 400k ect... I have the 100k gear myself.
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  17. Your definitely AGamerCalledBen. I am staring right through your soul and I know thats it