Which Console Is Better Xbox360 or PS3?

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  1. Which 1 do u think?In my opinion i think they're both the same but Xbox is just a bit better.
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  2. Ps3
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  3. It depends on what you are looking in your gaming system
  4. Ill say Xbox for MULTIPLAYER and PS3 for SINGLEPLAYER. :)
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  5. This is because the Xbox supports more multiplayer friendly games than the PS3. Microsoft is American based, and for some reason America has this problem with games that aren't a shooter of some sort (this drives me absolutely NUTS, but I digress...). This being said, the Xbox tends to support shooters like Halo and Call of Duty, while the PS3 is Japan based and more supportive of JRPG's (Japanese Role Playing Games) like Final Fantasy and the like, which do not have a multiplayer mode.
  6. I own both and think they both have their pros and cons, but I enjoy the different aspects on both. It's kind of like the BF3/MW3 debate where in both games you have to shoot your opponents, but the style of game play is completely different. That's how I see the Xbox 360 and PS3, they both do very similar things, but in different ways :)
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  7. I got Ps3, but prefer the xBox controller
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  8. ps3 has MUCH better graphics, runs faster, but it doesn't have as many good games. Xbox is pretty good, I think they should make xbox games for the ps3.
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  9. I've never owned a PS3 but I've heard they tend to overheat a lot if you use them too much, which can eventually render them unusable. The xBox's defect, however, is just as annoying as when you're using the older models standing up and they... move... at all... then your disk will be destroyed by the scanner. It's a bit annoying.

    Also, yes, Wii ftw. Though honestly, if Nintendo had waited a little longer before making the Wii (not in such a hurry to compete with xBox) it would have been much better than it is currently. That is to say, built in Wii Motion Plus or maybe a speaker that doesn't take up half of the controller...
  10. you are thinking of ps2. Ps3 is the best for harddrive and graphics and that kinda stuff.
  11. I
    I'm not American tho. :)

    And i have both consoles so im not hating on Ps3 :)
  12. the internal part of the PS3 is better than the xbox360 BUT the Live aspect is better than PSN but it costs -.- and all my friends own a Ps3 and NOn have ever over heated but my friends families xBox360 has over heated about 3 times (red ring of Doom) and the customer service for Sony is brilliant but for Windows not so much :/ but I like the xBox on ps3 and the xbox's controller is nice and so is the ps3's
  13. I wasn't either. In fact I don't even own a PS3 because they cost so much. I got my 360 from a friend for pretty cheap, other wise I wouldn't have one of those either. :p
  14. ps3's are not expensive you can pick them up for about £125 so about $150 what is a bargain for what you get and if you think about it xbox360 about £100 then you have to buy a controller about £45 then you have to get live what is £14 monthly so in the end a Ps3 is cheaper... and so on
  15. When the PS3 first came out it cost $500. Now I am in college and don't have $150 just laying around to buy one. Not with tuition to pay.
  16. Here is what I think...

    The Xbox 360

    is good for multi-player games and provides a family-friendly GUI and support for other uses. Although you must pay for a subscription to use their online goodies, they present their applications in a very professional and clean environment. Although true that it's something that brings down the Xbox rating, paying for a subscription shows you that they are offering a service that they plan to keep high in quality. They refrain from using online browsers and the like, simply to give the console it's superiority on a television when compared to a PC. The Xbox is also used by more people mostly because it came out before the PS3 did, therefore is most likely supported by more players.

    One of the biggest reasons why people claim the Xbox is inferior to the PS3 is simply because of its subscription fees. The Xbox basically requires you to pay for "Microsoft Points" which in many cases annoys quite a few players. Their point values are, for the most part, never even with what you can purchase in their marketplace. The Xbox also tends to annoy people because of it's inevitable Red Ring of Death (RRoD).

    The PS3

    Yet again, a big reason that the PS3 is considered "superior" is because of it's free online services. It does not require a subscription fee, which is indeed a plus to many consumers. The PS3 also tends to have slightly better hardware than the 360, but for the most part, is barely noticeable. The PS3 also has a higher advantage when using HDMI cables to provide a more clear picture than the Xbox 360 does, but again, is not very different. Blu-Ray is a pretty cool addition to the PS3, which allows for higher file-sizes on CDs and allows Blu-Ray movies and the like.

    Considering there is no subscription for the online services, the PS3 does not give the consumers any iota of guarantee that the online services will always be active and/or work at its best quality. The PS3 tends to be a little more expensive than the 360, which is another reason the Xbox tends to obtain more sales. Blu-ray was in the Pros, but then again, it costs more than your average DVD.


    People often bring up the fact that they like a console more simply because of it's controller. I respectfully declare these reasons for superiority invalid. While it is an opinion, many take it as a fact. My reason for this, is because the controller will be comfortable to the player depending on their gaming style. Like on a PC, we can bind certain keys to different actions if we dislike the defaults. For example, I don't play FPS games using "W", "A", "S", and "D" to walk around. I always change my game to use "E", "S", "D", and "F" instead. Why do I do that? It allows me to use more buttons that are closer to my movement hand, which allows for quicker access to other actions in the game. So how is this related? It's like the controller being my keyboard, people like buttons in certain areas because that is how they feel comfortable playing the game.

    Another reason they tie, is because people say a console is superior just because of it's exclusive games. Again, this is an invalid reason for superiority. Games genre and the like run from opinion, not facts. It's almost like judging a book by it's cover, only you know it's a game you won't play. This is a large argument and I honestly feel it makes no sense for a console to claim superiority because of it.

    And the last reason they tie, is because of their hardware. Honestly, there is not that big of a difference. Sure the PS3 has newer hardware, but it's not a huge jump. Both consoles can play the game, and graphics really shouldn't be a factor when deciding which console, but rather which game. Each game reacts differently with the hardware of a console, and therefore does not prove which console has better graphics. Some games are programmed to look better on one or the other.

    In The End

    I prefer the Xbox because most of my friends have it, and that is my way of playing with them.

    Otherwise, the PC is my only gaming / work / whatever else device. It's the console that unarguabley will have better hardware and accessibility between any console as of today. Why? The majority of everything you play on a console is programmed using a either a PC or a MAC

    I made this argument longer than it needed to be, but then again, I can't stand simple arguments. :D

  17. I know about the old times and I know money is hard to scrape now adays I somehow manage to get by with a Birthday and a Christmas yeah well live sucks xD
  18. I agree with that there but there is a big gap in the processing speed in the Ps3 to xbox and that was why the ps3 had such a big price when it came out (newest and fastest processing speed for the size of the chip and Sony paid extra to have it first but that was a silly thing to do xD )