When will Blizzard Nose "do something special"?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cadgamer101, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. When will BlizzArd Nose "do something special"?

    Currently, the Blizz Ard Nose (that was hard to obtain and sold/sales for a lot of rupees), just says "It's not cold enough to use this yet...".

    About 11 months ago, we heard from Aikar that "We have plans to make it do something special soon...".


    Just looking for an update.

    Hopefully the "special use" does Not consume it, and hopefully it is more than once, because of the high price of these.

    Please let us know about when the Blizzard Nose will "do something special"?

    I know the development team is busy, but this small feature is approaching one year of waiting.

    Thank you.

    UPDATE / EDIT December 23 2015:

    Thank you staff and developers.


  2. Ah dang I forgot about this and sold my only one ;-;
  3. well maybe he is waiting for winter in america when it is cold enough to use :)
  4. I was assuming that it would have a use in the holiday period of this year, though I'm not really sure :p
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  5. Watch it have a use when the next version comes out, and then we have to wait a year for that one to have a use lol
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  6. Well, it strikes me with fear every time I look at it and think back at fighting those scary walking snowmen. Surely that should count as a little bit special too? :D
  7. scary? only if you were silly enough to wear armor that wasnt unbreakable.

    But yes, please give me a reason to hold onto my 18 Noses!
  8. Well, looks like someone went a little rampage mode on those poor snowmen :p
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  9. A reason to hold on to them? You only need to keep a few to see what they might do in the future, I'd say that you could simply sell a good lot of them to make tons of cash! ;) Depends if you need cash or not though, if you have 18 then you're probably good... :rolleyes:
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  10. Bump for the enchanted Nose...
  11. Ah, but to sell them now, when they're unusable, would get a small profit compared to after everyone has used them and they're a rare commodity.
  12. Depends on how they will be usable, though :) We're not sure how they will be used yet >_>
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  13. It will most likely do something that relates to the festive we are in.
  14. Even if they're used for something that no one wants to do, they'll go up in value. The Love Potion No. 9 was just a normal potion, but it was worth thousands last time I was on, simply because they're rare.

    Even if something is pointless, if it's limited, people will pay for it.
  15. What I mean is, we also don't know if the nose will get used up. If it stays even when used then it won't go up as much as if it were to vanish when used, and the price will also depend on what kind of thing it is used for :) It's also possible that they could be used for something and have a timer before being used again or something like that, anything is possible at this stage as we simply don't know :p

    I will give it to you though, the price will likely rise after the usages are put in, but this depends on the reasons above and also depends if it is re-released at Christmas this year or not :)
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  16. I don't see the price going down, even if it's not used up. Point is, selling it right after the use is revealed is the best way to make money, like how sponges were going for 25k the day they came out, and 2k the day after.
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  17. Around 250 of them paid the ultimate price.

    We're having Blizz for dinner tonight!
  18. When pigs fly
  19. It won't go down but it could potentially float at around the same price depending on all the reasons I've already talked about :) But as I've already mentioned too - you're probably right in thinking this, just saying that it depends on other things too :p
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  20. Bump for the (currently un-usable) Blizzard Nose
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