What's Your Building Project

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  1. I know that many players on EMC like to build epic size building projects. My own was my shop on smp6 13131, although I completed it a few months ago I am still contemplating extending it higher. Although the upper levels would be for farms and such.

    Another play on smp6 is also building epic structures and several other smaller builds are being developed.

    I know when you get an idea in your head as to what to build, its hard not to stop, the excitement, anticipation of the final build or purpose of the build kicks in.

    So here is your opportunity to talk about what your building either in town or in the wild, or maybe comment on building that you have come across on EMC that you think are epic.
  2. Witherripper out in the really really far out nether of smp
    Not telling :p
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  3. 2222 MegaMall was made a while back but never completed xD smp1
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  4. This is the reason I still play Minecraft after several years. I am just wrapping up my last big project, a replica of STARK tower from the 2012 movie Avengers onn smp7 14859. I did the structure in under two months but the interior has taken ages. I got diamond today, so I'm already beginning to plan the massive tower I'm going to build on one of my new residences. :D
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  5. I make build projects on Creative, not on EMC. I'm just trying to get enough rupees so I can make a project.
  6. At the moment (literally) I'm working on building the "Iron Trench" found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YFaCNsuD01k. AmusedStew started a thread about it a few days ago and some people said there may be some issues with it being on EMC. Their concerns were about the spawning changes, entity limits, etc., but as far as I know nobody has actually gone out and built it yet to confirm their claims. Therefore, I'm testing it out myself. :D
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  7. Woo! I was gonna do it but it looks like I dont have to be the guinea pig xD
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  8. I'm planning on building Rapture from BioShock sometime at my underwater outpost. Still need to find a good spot and get materials.
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  9. My project, while kept close to the chest, will consist of 4 residences in a dwarf-like "T" (Or that one block from Tetris) . It will go from sea level (64-ish) to the height limit (perhaps a few less) and will be surrounded in glass. Each residence will have glass surrounding it, but more details will not be given out freely(Although with enough pestering I'm sure you could get it out of me ;) ). Feel free to stop by and visit. Progression will continue, and be on the lookout for a thread as the project nears completion.
  10. I'm working on building a dirt shack on my res but my problem is that it's so hard to find good dirt. I should be done in a couple weeks hopefully but it may take longer depending on how long it takes me to get the dirt.
  11. Working on building "The Grid" from Tron Legacy on my Utopia plot. Its just been a long process of getting materials
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  12. I placed a dirt block, tomorrow I will place 2 dirt blocks, it's a hard project, getting every single dirt block perfectly cubic.
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  13. I might as well explain my current project.
    It is a parkour map based of Battleblock Theater, this detailing the escape from the theater. While somewhat easy, the consequences for failure are quite high.
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  14. I hope it works for you, as I haven't tested it; the only valid issue I think you might find on EMC is mentioned at the end of the video, where it sais that some villages have problems registering if there are more than 100 villagers active on the server; and with only 2 or 3 normal iron farms working that number can be easily reached. Still I hope it does work for you.
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  15. Ent limit should not be a problem with this villagers is around 23 - 24, and golems are smelted :) almost as soon as they spawn. If anything the redstone bugs may be a problem, but he shows solutions to them in another video. All the best with it.
  16. My "building" projects are little towns I make in creative, but I get bored with one of the towns after a week or so and go build another.
  17. I think I still have several DC's of good quality dirt at my shop "FREE" and if you need more go to 13429, you just have to pay to use /vault to transfer it all.
  18. I have seen so many like this, :( my advice is start with a small shop and just keep adding to it, when your ready and you have enough stock and rupees then build it. If you spend all you time just building the mall you will soon get bored and run out of rupees.
  19. This:

    But I never get enough Obsidian. :D
  20. Mine is a sandstone style abandoned tomb theme...
    NOT a tomb...
    With bricks and night lighting...
    Its propose is secret but you can visit freely at 3225 (smp2)