What's up with the annoying splash screen?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ShelLuser, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. Hi gang!

    Whenever I visit the EMC website I usually use http://emc.gs/; easier to type. I used to end up in the news / main section, but right now I end up on a splashscreen first: this one.

    I can understand that you guys want to give new visitors a bit of extra information and all, but for a returning visitor (one who's even logged on already) this is extremely annoying. Also because there is no easy way to go directly to the main screen or the forums other than using the full URL (http://empireminecraft.com/).

    Thing is: I use the shortcut to make it easier on myself, yet that has now become a lot harder ;)

    Can't you guys at least differentiate between new visitors and members who are already logged on?
  2. It's supposed to differentiate by new visit, etc. Unless he changed that recently.. Are you on a phone?
  3. It's doing it for me. I am using Chrome on Windows 10. Messaged Aikar about it recently.
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  4. Likely an overlook/change recently then. I'm sure he'll try to fix soon.
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  5. This also happens to me even from my computer.
  6. Ugh why did emc.gs have to change. I always use it...now it thinks i'm a newb ;n;
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  7. change pliz
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  8. Mine has auto search to empireminecraft.com, it doesn't go to the splash screen :p
  9. Yea, I agree. I noticed this earlier but I wasn't sure if it was just me but it is annoying. I also used to type in, "emc.gs" and had a Bookmark saved to it but now....

    Info: using Windows 7 Pro, Firefox.
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  10. Yeah, that should eventually also work for me. But because I've been using the shortcut so often I first get emc.gs (after typing em), then when I add the extra p I finally get the full URL.

    So in the end I have to admit that I'm also a bit lazy :)
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  11. Go to browser options, homepage, enter empireminecraft.com. Problem solved. :)
  12. Oh my goodness! You actually have to type in less characters than most in-game chat messages?:eek: *Faints*
    I mean, just "favorite" it. Or type 15 characters...
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  13. I visit the site on multiple computers(and sometimes use multiple browers on the same computer), it was just easier to type "emc.gs" rather than make extra bookmarks. And my primary computer had a shortcut pointing to "emc.gs"
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  16. Didn't say I couldn't do it, it's just a bit annoying.

    A huge factor of web design is User Experience, i.e. what isn't annoying to users.... ;)

    For the Staff, I personally don't care if this gets changed back, I adapted to using an annoying Oracle Database for work, I can adapt to this.... :)
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  17. Just "A bit"? It's ONE more letter ;)!
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  18. I am sure we are all aware of that.

    Imagine if you are an avid redstone user and repeaters are broken. It would be an arse move to to tell them "Lol, just use 2 redstone torches and it acts the same way."

    Instead of impacting redstone machinery, it impacts efficiency for us. So, please, don't say the obvious. It never helps.

    Anyway, this is probably gonna be fixed. :D
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  19. Anyway, with that I guess we have asked, confirmed and got answered so I'm going to request the thread to be closed.
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