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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Welcome to! Although the site is new many of you have been on the EMC server or GameKrib for awhile. The goal of this site is simply to support the community we have forming around Minecraft. This is just the start and we have many ideas on how to provide THE community and community run server for MC.

    Be sure to stop by the Introduce Yourself forum!
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  2. Woohoo! The first step in taking over the Minecraft world! :D
  3. Helps Jeremy :p
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  4. Cool :D
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  5. So I almost could not see the recent post through all of the dust of this old thread
  6. lol I think this was the first thread on the site...
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  7. Ya it was
  8. wow lol
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  9. Those where the days, in where Empire Minecraft was just starting off as a bigger server. :)
  10. Damm, this was back then when server only had one server and when there was no such thing as all the tech we got this days...
    Yeah, i seriously don't have anything to do now that SMP3 has been 60/60 whole day long...
  11. i missed the old days, im pretty sure i joined when smp2 was about to come out. i love EMC!

    :EDIT: WOW, this is one old thread.
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