What's the most amount of rupees you've ever had?

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  1. I'm a little curious as to what the highest balance most people have ever had.

    Please only post the most that you've legitimately had and kept for at least 24 hours. So, for example, if your friend paid you 5 million to take a screenshot and you sent it back, that doesn't count.

    Items don't count - balance only.

    Contrary to popular belief, the most I've had before was 1,061,000 just because I tend to invest my money as soon as I can buy whatever I was looking to invest in. I hit that in January of 2014. However, I should be surpassing that number within a week as I try to buy another eggnog - if all goes well I'll be buying it within 2 weeks.

    This should be interesting ;)

    EDIT - Highest is now 1,500,000
  2. Just over 750k

    I blew it on ore busters and marlix gear.
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  3. The highest I've ever had at a single time was around 3,200,000 in June.
  4. 200k, I just finished selling a big loot of promos
  5. You mean 3.2Million?
  6. Yes that is what that means :p
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  7. Planning to pass that and set my highest at an 8 Figure number in December-February.

    Probably somewhere in the 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 Range.
  8. Around 2.9 million.
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  9. A group of friends and I once stacked all our rupees up, and we ended up at 32,500,000mil.

    I used to have the screenshot, but downloading W10 ate my files :)
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  10. When I went and sold all my promos I had over 2 million, I don't recall the exact number but I don't think it was over 2.5 mil.

    Then I bought a bunch of stuff to add to my drop party and gave a bunch of rupees away and now I'm down back to just under 1 million again lol
  11. 1.6mil
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  12. Highest rupee amount I ever had is ongoing at around 350k but that doesnt include the millions of rupees I've poured into investments (promos) ;)
  13. Most of us couldn't begin to count our value if you include Promos and mall stock.
  14. I'm ashamned :( - 489k
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  15. 856k trying to get to a mil :p
  16. Over 500k, less than 600k.
    Who needs rupees though, I have stone slabs.