What's one thing that makes you very angry, very fast?

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  1. [Staff Note: Please don't turn this thread into a platform based flame war]

    Title says it all, so I'll put my own here.

    On any gaming forum that has a thread that involves problems with Macs, there will ALWAYS be at least one person that says "Want to get it to work? GET A PC LOLOLOLOLOLO" As somebody who is a Mac user looking for a PC as their next computer, most people who game on a Mac do so because it's their only choice or gaming is a secondary thing to photo editing or whatever task is easier done on a Mac. It's not funny.
  2. Nothing. If people try to annoy me, I will try to annoy them harder.
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  3. I have a Macbook and I got it for gaming. It works fine. Jcplugs also got a Mac for her computer when she got a new one, and she had gaming in mind
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  4. When people blackmail me.....
  5. Blackmailing, chain mail, nail biters, braggers, immature adults, complete idiots, vegetarians (I really don't hate them, but, y u no like bacon), cocky people, bad attitudes, rule breakers, criminals, the list goes on.
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  6. Those last four..... you.... you don't like me?
  7. Hippies
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  8. i have a mac they work great for gaming i can run any game you can cause i have crossover games, and i use it b/c my college major is digital media and thats what most professionals use
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  9. Criminals, as in, killing people, robbing banks, and drug dealers.

    Rule breakers, pretty much a criminal, but, breaking rules of a policy, on servers, anywhere basically.

    You really don't seem to have a bad attitude, you're just.. Pie.

    Cocky people, as in, people who brag about being better than anyone else, having more rupees, etc etc etc.
  10. people who say macs suck you can't play games

    i can play games, that makes me mad
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  11. I know that feel bro.

    But anyways, you know the way I'm from Northern Ireland?
    Well, are you aware that 90% of Northern Ireland's population is made up of two redneck factions?
    One which claims to be Irish, Catholic, and in support of a merge between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and another which claims to be British, Protestant, and in support of a continued union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland?
    Are you aware both factions support certain organisations which exist or have existed?
    Are you aware these organisations have guns and bombs?
    Are you aware these organisations bombed or attempted to bomb Northern Ireland in the past or are currently attempting to do so?
    Are you aware these organisation have carried out shootings or have attempted to carry out shootings in Northern Ireland in the past or are currently attempting to do so?
    Are you aware I have to deal with these disgusting, deplorable individuals who support these disgusting, deplorable organisations and shout ridiculous slogans in favour of these organisations?
    Are you aware I have received death threats from these people, and because I'm a member of an antisectarian local political party who receive around 7% of the vote, I have to put up with harassment from these rednecks, who make up the vast majority of the population?
    Are you aware that all this makes me a bit annoyed?
  12. werent there riots in belfast lately over that :/?
    honestly i hate the wars religion creates and i hope that it will come to an end
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  13. what annoys me is when people ignore what i say...
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  14. People annoy me when they 'joke' about my lisp, mostly my friends do this, but it's still really annoying.
  15. Mac VS PC arguments. Technically a Mac is just a Personal Computer with a different OS. It's like comparing one PC to another, they both have their good aspects and their bad aspects. Same with the console wars. Personally, my favorite console is the classic PS2, as I primarily use my laptop for gaming. Oh and corrupt politicians. They make me angry. But, then again, who wouldn't get angry at them?
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  16. Three cheers for small, cute animals doing annoying things. I personally hate when my "adorable little bunny" mauls your shirts, leaving tiny little chew holes everywhere. Other that, it really is pretty awesome.
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  17. I hate it when people call me selfish, i try to be VERY humble, and when people call me self centered, i am hurt and lose my temper.
    I also hate how people at school tease me about being a brony (and that includes my parents :()
  18. Try running cube world... Game Won
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