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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone. I often get the question "What are you working on now?", so I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know whats next.

    I will be spending the next one to two months working on the core EMC code, not necessarily new things. There is a few reasons the EMC Platform Core needs lots of love:
    • Over the past 7 months a good chunk of the custom EMC code was very hackish. Meaning it went around Bukkit and used code that was not "clean" or "best practices". This was a necessary evil to achieve the things we wanted like the cross-server vault. However many of these things can be cleaned up as functionality has been added/fixed/improved since.
    • For anyone that keeps up on Mojang/Bukkit news you have heard that BIG changes are coming to MC in regards to "modding". We MUST be ahead of the curve and prepare for this in order to survive. If I wait until the changes happen it could take weeks or months to get us back running again.
    • Mojang is focusing on multiplayer and is going to be providing ways for us to easily integrate custom plugins into the game. I want to be ahead of the curve and ready to pounce when this happens. Imagine managing permissions for your res in a nice on-screen menu, rather than using complex chat commands. This will be the future of MC and EMC needs to lead the pack.
    • Our platform has evolved a lot since its conception. For example, when I branched and started the first Residence plugin we didn't even know we were going to be a multiple server community. As such the way I designed it has limitations to expanding the functionality. One example would be the need to type /home 2 for your second res, even if it is the only one on that server. Another example is things like permission flags, we really should have flags like "eggify", "shops", "sheer", etc.
    • I will not lie, I learned Java just to do the EMC platform. Although I have loads of programming experience I had never used Java. Over the last 7 months of marathon coding I have learned a lot. Going back and cleaning up some things I know I can squeeze better performance out of it, giving us a better experience.

    So while this might not sound as exciting as the constant new features we are used to, it is going to pay off HUGE in the end. Think of it more as laying the ground work for awesome things in the future. Of course during this time I will continue to maintain what we have, upgrade to newest versions of MC, fix serious bugs, etc.
  2. so happy about not needing to say home 2 if its on a different server then the rest of my res's
  3. AWESOME keep up the great work @Justin!
  4. Justin you could add the most pointless feature ever and I would be happy.
  5. Justin, it doesn't even seem like you even have time to sleep based on all the stuff you do/are going to do! You've done such an awesome job on everything so far, I can't wait to see how all this turns out!
  6. Haha thanks :) It has been a lot of work, and redoing some of these things does make a bit sick to my stomach but I know it will be worth it :)
  7. This is really awesome stuff, Justin. It's like the fine-tuning to take EMC to another level. The "sheer" flag is a much-needed one in my opinion. I would feel much safer giving someone a job on my res shearing sheep if they only had access to that.
    You've put so much into EMC, and it's only going to become even greater with these additions and fix-ups. Keep up the good work, and remember to take a rest once in a while :)
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  8. Coming soon. Justin will put in a feature where pressing W makes you move forward. It will completely override the default W going forward, and nothing will be noticeably different but...well...nothing will be different, at all.
  9. It's genius! Why has no one done this yet?
  10. Oh god! Think of the possibilities! Next you could make S to go backwards, D for going right and A for going left! Who knows, we could even make SPACE have your character jump!
  11. Who cares if big things arnt added? EMC is already awesome. And really its the small things that can make us great. Seamless mod integration, no lag, and just great functionality. You can have a ton of cool mods but without these whats the point. Keep up the great work Justin! Maybe I can help out next year when I start up at college ;)
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  12. This is why i believe the Empire will prevail. Most servers are not planning that far ahead and it will hit them hard , while the Empire will still be standing strong.
  13. This seems to me at least to be the case all the time. Maybe that can attest as to why we have 26,000 members in 200 days!
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  14. does Justin eavn sleep? maby he's muliple people or GLaDOS of portal or maby... hees an ALIEN!!!
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  15. And shift to crouch!!!!!! Oh my goodness this is awesome! Think of all the possibilities! :3
  16. I find it hard to believe anybody will find anything wrong with what you guys do here.
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  17. one of the best server admins... oh wait... he IS the best server admin :)
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  18. He is our self declared "Super Admin"
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  19. To be honest, I don't envy your code cleaning job, but it certainly seems the sensible thing to do!
  20. I can t wait till all the other servers realize this and then EMC Is the only online server for like a week or 2
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