what type of gaming computer should i get?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Michael_Nolan, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. i was refered to ibuypower.com and it seems pretty cool but idk what amd and other things are for the computer any help or suggestions
  2. Might want to try an alienware laptop or desktop.
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  3. i would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE an alienware laptop
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  4. Do not buy brand pc's (dell, alienware, mac, HP, toshiba, etc...) Buy a pc that you can configure yourself, and edit all the details!
    How much money you got? I can set up some examples for you :p

    http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/AMD_FX_4-Core_Configurator/w/112761 <-- Around 1k dollars, enough to run COD in mid-high and minecraft on hundreds of FPS :p
  5. EPIC
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  6. lolno
  7. customize a mac desktop and your set or alien ware are good with tons of ram
  8. *facedesk*^2 xD
    Well, if he is going to jump into customization it's better to cutomize it all and not only ram...
  9. lol NO. i was on their website and found a secluded one that is super expensive but here let me go find it

    now the way i had it set up was about 6 i7 proccessors and tons of other things, pretty much all at max, and it was about 7,000. it was epic :p but this is what i am saving up for. wish me luck! i have about 150 bucks now and no job. my grandrent has a huge holding in the stock market. i think im gonna try there and buy a ton of super cheap stocks and hope for the best!
  10. i hate mac and apple in general
  11. BTW all the ibuypower computers are super-sexy. call it a geek-gasm site! (sorry for the obscene comment, but its kinda needed.)
  12. Yeah indeed, mine was not the higher price, but i don't like to add intel, people normally thinks that intel it's better than AMD and that it's why it's loads more expensive, but it's not truth, both are great :p
    Also, i wanted something realistic, not a super-computer xD jkjk
  13. well intel can handle games a bit faster, and are generally a bit better, but AMD is well rounded and a lot cheaper. for minecraft go with AMD, but i like intel since i play a few other games. i also want to play minecraft with sonic ethers incredible shaders mod, with the 512p realism texture pack, and on 3x extreme view from the optifine mod. cant wait! im like 1/1000 the way there though cash wise.
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  14. hmmm was hoping to spend 800 but this one looks good
  15. You can't customize a Mac... There's a way but its not legit.
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  16. 800 actually goes pretty far there. thats why i said dont buy an alienware. tahts what i got (a laptop m11x on SALE) for 700 bucks and it only has an i3 processor, 2 gigs of ram, and a decent sound system and graphics chip. not even a card. the best part is the outer shell, and the keyboard. i love the keyboard. that is the only thing that i would miss if i got a new computer.
  17. You paying for the brand name if your buying an alienware! Just build your own customized computer! Buy a ASUS motherboard, Buy an OS (Windows 7 Home Premium preferably), Buy a ATI Graphic card (Radeon preferably), buy a processor duo or quad core 3.2 Ghz (great for gaming), 8 Gigs of ram, 500GB of HDD, sound card, fan, casing, that electricity thing (forgot the name lol but its what you need to power your computer), and theres probably more and your set to go! That will cost around 500-600 dollars. While alienware will cost you 1k or more dollars. I suggest you just order or make a custom built computer.
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  18. Actually you can upgrade Graphics card and ram, but is not worth it...
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  19. Just get an iMac! Lol you really don't need to upgrade it, Mac is expensive because they get the top quality products not cheap hardware.
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