What pranks are YOU going to pull tomorrow?

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  1. I'm going to do two things:
    Take an oreo. Remove the top. scrape out the frosting, except for a ring around the edge. Fill with ketchup. Put the cookie back on. Feed to someone.
    And second:
    Print out bunch of fake dollar bills. Scatter them around the school.
  2. April Fools is during spring break for me.

    I will most likely tell my parents I'm pregnant. It will be tough for me to convince them, for I am a guy.
  3. Mine is pretty self-explanatory.. EMC anyways, haven't figured one out irl.. (Happy April fools!)
  4. 1. Get a rubber band
    2. Put it on the side sprayer so it will turn on when the water turns on.
    3. Make sure you don't do the dishes.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
  5. No
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  6. I'm not sure what I am going to do, but I am really worried because I am going to a very mischievous friend's house. :eek:Better think of some anti-pranks quick and possibly some retaliation or I will be in trouble.
  7. That one's my old favorite. :D Unfortunately, the new sink doesn't have the same set-up. :(

    I usually plan on a whim. I always pull the same trick every year for sure... put a big, heavy brick in the bottom of everybody's bags. :p Other than that, I'm sure I'll figure stuff out. I have a feeling the cabinets will be full of something other than dishes on the morrow, and it might be hard to go the bathroom if the toilet lids are taped down... Ah, well, not my problem! :p

    And, of course, I have EMC things planned. :p
  8. Well, I had a little preparation prank today. I removed the icing from an Oreo (very similar to Qwerty's), and replaced the icing with toothpaste. I then proceeded to do the same with every single Oreo in the box. My friend was surprised when I pulled a whole box of Oreos out of my bag and passed them all to him. I can now certify myself the most evil humsn being on Earth. <3
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  9. trololo a good magician never reveals his secrets
  10. Well, i've been practicing with two others girls to do the song "I've decided to Marry you" for a talent show, which is VERY difficult to do because it has more of an opra-esque feel to it, and i'm the only male they have for the song, and auditions are in two days.

    I'm going to school tomorrow, and acting like i've lost my voice totally :3
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  11. You see, my amazing plan takes zero preparation and can be done for anybody who forgets to plan. It takes a good bit of red herring implanting though. My April Fool's Day prank is what I usually do. It's where I claim I don't have a plan but falsely act like I'm planning an actual prank in a semi-subtle way so it looks like I put no thought into execution, which I didn't, and that I actually have something planned, which I do. But then it'll be found out that I had no plan, which is false. So I have a plan to not have a plan but fake having a plan. Also, half of my friends would spend 10 minutes once I tell them that figuring out the whole paradox/loop thing.
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  12. :eek: Mind. Blown.

    I might take plastic wrap and tape it across a doorway so people walk right into it. Or set my parents' alarm clock backwards/forwards a few hours :p (Warning: Do not change the time on people's alarm clocks if they have somewhere to be or have to get up at a set time ;))
  13. What will Mojang do to minecraft for April fools day?
  14. LOL you are not krysyy!
  15. Of course I'm not :rolleyes:
  16. The meanest one I have ever pulled on someone: Baking soda in the ketchup bottle. ;) You can figure put what happens ;$
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  17. Please tell me you're going to do another infection event :3
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  18. You. Are. A. Horrible. Person. :p
  19. Do it
    Do it
    Do it!!! :3