What mob do you hate most?

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Which boss is worse?

Wither 27 vote(s) 49.1%
Enderdragon 28 vote(s) 50.9%
  1. Plenty of mobs are tricky but which one do YOU think is the worst?
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  2. Cave spiders
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  3. I don't like a lot of all mobs ganging up on me so for me it's a everything mob
  4. Dem mooshrooms...
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  5. creepers... and silverfish
  6. I knew I saw that amusement park on the forums............
  7. Creepers, skeletons, and cave spiders.
  8. Zombie pigmen in mob arena because they break their own coding
  9. No just people hitting other mobs hit them.
  10. creepers cause they comeout of no where and bomb me
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  11. Creepers in a small cave you come accross while digging down and you think you can explore it a bit because there's some iron and coal but it starts getting complicated and you do what you can to keep a wall at your back but IT-IS-IMPOSSIBLE: they always end up blasting your bottom xD
  12. Silverfish and cave spiders are the most annoying things ever.
  13. For me its skeletons when im swimming i get close BAM they shoot my progress away!
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  14. Pigs, with all there oinking and snorting thinking so high of them selves.
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  15. Chickens. Their hit-boxes are so small.
  16. Creepers. For some reason I never have a bow on me, and it seems like no matter many torches I have up, they still manage to sneak up on me. My front yard looks like a WWI minefield.
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  17. Skeletons. They shoot you from afar, killing you. >.>
  18. Ever since i met chickeneer, i HATE chickens
  19. jtc099 was banned by Chickeneer. Reason: Hating chickens.
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  20. Creeper and skeleton. Skeletons always shoot me to lava