What makes you happy?

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  1. So, there was a thread a while ago called "What Grinds Your Gears?" (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/what-grinds-your-gears-in-multiplayer-minecraft.48067/)

    Well, as fun as it was to read different people's pet peeves, I thought we should start another, completely opposite thread. So the question is:

    What makes you happy?

    Things involving Minecraft (especially EMC) are preferable, but it can go into real life things as well. In general, just list things that make the machine up in your head run smoothly. I'll get the ball rolling.

    What makes me happy is when a farm works on the first try and/or when I finish a difficult build.
  2. <-- The profile pic
  3. Oh, you had me there. <3
    Look at that. That is the face of pure happiness.
  4. That's deep Mirr0rr

    In my case, Finishing a project.
  5. Fridays, learning about history, video games. :)
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  6. Well, in that case...

    The joy and satisfying feeling of having finished a new build or expansion on your residence.

    You then make screenshots and show your work to the community and tell all your friends about it. Who then start grinning and wondering why that build of yours ("A collection of blocks would be a more suitable description") took you 3 to 4 days to build.

    So then you start to question yourself and wonder if there could perhaps be any improvements made. But nah; your friends assure you that this new build of yours is simply beyond any hope or saving; "what were you thinking?". Depressed you go back to your residence, wondering where you failed and how (and why) the others could be so cruel on you...

    Finally you grab all the TNT you have, place it carefully around and let the game do the rest and take its course.

    The warm feeling when all your friends suddenly pop onto your residence: "Surprise! Ha, that was a good one right, boy did we fool you or what?! But yeah, that was actually a pretty cool build you made. Say, what is this huge crater doing here?".

    grrrrrr :mad:

    Oops :oops:


    Ok, a little more serious here: having finished a build or making some of my redstone builds / circuits work can really make me happy. Finishing up, doing one last check and concluding that everything really does work as expected and as it should.
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  7. Your profile pic scares me...
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  8. Making a machine that farms/produces excessive amounts of materials. Nothing like having far too many things, and no where to put them lol.

    I occasionally give away some 120s speed horses to people who I consider to be community building members on my home server (SMP5 for life). It is enjoyable to see their reactions. Horses that I take as normal or below average, they consider to be practically god horses.
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  9. Why would that be? Just look at his face. That is the face of happiness.
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  10. Bacon.
    Delicious, crispy bacon.
  11. Friends :)

    People being nice to each other :)
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  12. Love, Peace, and Harmony.
  13. I change mine to tiger meat. Delicious, crispy tiger meat.
  14. Happiness makes me happy! :p
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  15. Huh, I was gonna make the poll for this about bacon. I guess it is a universal love.
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