What is your New Year's Resolution?

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  1. When you make your resolution, be sure to really think it through. Do not pick something that you will only do for a few days. Pick something that you will be consistent with.

    Nobody seemed to get the joke. Switched every revolution with resolution.
  2. Resolution*
  3. To never give up on future revolutions I shall have.
  4. I guess in reality it is kind of a revolution, since most people just pull a 360 back to their previous resolutions.
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  5. My New Year's Revolution?

    Last year, I tried taking over the West Cocos Island, an Australian territory, but it was too difficult. I'm thinking of sparking a coup in Pitcairn, a British Overseas Territory in the Pacific Ocean. There's only 56 people there, so they can't have more than 2 police, and the British will never come thousands of miles just to defend a tiny island. They've never done it before, have they?
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  6. I do not know why, but I fear that you will rule the world one day...
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  7. Well, there's a cyclone there right now, try hitting them when they least expect it :p

    I just want to get a job.
  8. Work for me, terrorising island nations and territories ;)
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  9. Last year in 2013, I declared on Halloween to never eat candy again as my and I have followed it since.

    Starting now, I want to become a more calm person. I want to stop sudden emotional shifts without any reasons. Although I am in the teen-age years, I have established great control over myself and I'm going to try to improve it even further.
    After discussing this idea to my parents, they said it will help me in the long-term.
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  10. If he rules the world, I shall remind him that i'm princebee from EMC and i'm pretty awesome, maybe awesome enough to rule over part of Canada or something ;) *Hint Hint*
  11. Nope, but you can have Quebec. Good luck with it :cool:
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  12. I resolved long ago never to make any New Year's resolutions that I could not keep. So far that's the only one I've ever made or kept.
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  13. Quebec... Not even once.
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  14. So meta.
  15. I read that as "starting a coop in Pitcairn" lol
  16. I'll be doing that too. With control of Pitcairn, I can start all the Co-operatives I want, and I can hold a monopoly.
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